Figs (Ficus Carica) of Madeira

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If anyone has knowledge of the various common figs of Madeira and their names please contact me. I've located 3 figs from Madeira here in San Diego, CA and am hoping to put a name to them. They are dormant at the moment so I know nothing about leaf shape just a description of the fruit.

1) a long black fig very popular on the island (Abebereira?)
2) a long-necked large round green fig (Fico Bebrevas?) Spelling may be wrong
3) a round black fig, sweet (Fico Prato?)




  • hi
    we also have a litle green fig and the inside very sweet and in stong pink.
    Figo loucos. grows in very small fig tree .
  • Nothing to do with type of fig but if you visit Madeira their is an excellent restaurant in Garajau called "Figos".
  • The trees have now leafed out and the first 2 on my list above have breba fruit.

    I'm pretty sure the long black fig is an Abebereira.

    The green fig may be the Lampiera also called Fico Portughuese.

    The round black fig looks to be the Black Madiera but that's what it is called here in the US. I was hoping to find it's true Portuguese name. Estella calls it Fico Prato. Does that name sound familiar to anyone?

  • Figo pardo . not prato ( prato in portuguese means plate ) pardo means coloured .
    hope u have lots and lots of figs
    joao correia
  • Thanks Joao,

    Have you ever heard of an Abeberira or Lampiera fig?

    Here's a link to the figs progression since April that I mentioned in my earlier post. I'll be visiting again real soon for more pictures and a taste treat.

    Do you recognize any of these figs?

    Thanks again,
  • hi
    im from madeira and i enjoy to see your colection of figs tree photos.
    The one black ( Bebra )
    The green one is called figo Branco ( if is red inside ) is called Figo lampo.
    My parents and grandparents had lots of fig trees in madeira island .
    Joao Correia
  • This is easy its Figo Preto not Figo Pardo.

    Beberas is a large long necked Fig it could be black or green. There is Bebera Preta aka Abebereira "Black " and Bebera Branca " Green" My great grandfather had the Green one and always called them Abebras.

    Figo Lampo just means breba crop not a variety and figos vindimos is the main crop.

    Hope that helps.
  • is there anyone from Madeira or elsewhere who would send scions of the fig varieties above to Germany ?
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