madeira island is open

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Please Please visit This beautifull island of madeira, we need lots of visitors to bust our trade and help us to reborn again.
Dont just see the videos and pitures of the floods, we need your help.
Joao Correia
from Madeira in uk


  • This information is useful with me,thanks a lot!
  • At present, October 2011, Funchal is almost totally rebuilt. By looking at it now, you would hardly believe the chaos it turned into, that fateful Saturday morning, in February 2010.

    Work in Jardim do Campo da Barca (Campo da Barca's Garden) is under way at the moment and after the walls along the water channel that run across Funchal are up, no evident signs of destruction will be on sight in town.

    Soon, Funchal and the entire island will be resplendent with light, color, shine and lots of festive season's decorations. Christmas time is very well celebrated between us... and not to be missed.

    Next, on new Year's Eve, Funchal will offer one of the best firework shows your eyes will ever witness.

    So, if you're in the process of deciding how to spend your Christmas and/or New Year's Eve, Madeira is an excellent option. You'll love it!
  • The island is definately more or less back to normal & in some cases even better as far as Funchal and areas that might be seen easily by tourists is concerned, but there are still other areas that are yet to be addressed and are still causing hardships for the the local peoples, for instance Tabua is still without a bridge so residents are forced to either take the much longer route up & across the mountain from Ribeira Brava or to negotiate the very narrow single lane track up from where the old bridge was & if you do brave this particular route you will still view some of the homes that are in an unlivable condition.
  • You're right elaine, the Government couldn't have taken better care of the center of Funchal, however it seems the suburban and rural areas that need to be reconstructed, can't expect to be taken care of in the near future. And in the state finances are at the moment... better forget it.
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