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My parents were from Faja da Ovelha, Madeira and have left many pieces of land in their name. This I know, as I have proof
Of the properties they have left. My brother passed away and I am the only surviving spouse.

I would like to know ::: are these lands automatically shared between the myself and my brother’s family (wife and
2 children) or are these properties automatically owned by myself, the only surviving spouse?? I would like to know
What the Portuguese law says on this matter.

The urgency of the matter is that I am planning to emigrate to Madeira and would like to know this beforehand via email.

Thanking u in advance.

Miguela Correia


  • Land automatically goes 50% to the spouse and the other 50% divided between the children - and so on down the line.
  • Hi Ellen, you seem to know quite abit about property in Madeira. I was wondering whether you could help me and my parents. We have inherited 2/3 of a large plot (1/3 belongs to my mom and 1/3 to my aunt) - the remaining 1/3 belongs to around 6 people which we cannot get hold of. Is there a way that we can split the land up into 3 plots so that everyone can make use of their portion? Not sure if you know of a professional who would be able to give advice on this matter? At the moment the land is just being wasted. There is a large house there but it is slowly falling apart and to be honest, we need the money we could get from selling a plot quite badly at the moment.
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