Farm work??

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Hi new to the boards going to madeira very soon just wondering is there any farm work available in madeira to make some money? thanks=)


  • It is unlikely that you will get farm work, many have been destroyed in the disaster and many use only Portugese workers
  • There is farm work. Also repairs on the small farms, and so on. In Calheta they just don't have enough "men" to help. Many women are being recruited! However, this is sporadic seasonal work. At the moment they are cutting sugarcane.

    However, I doubt very much you will get work if you do not have some basic Portuguese language skills.
  • thats where im staying at calheta my grandparents farm is there though they both have pasted away, i understand the language but i cant really speak it if that makes sense so if someone was talking portuguese i would understand every word.thanks
  • Its back breaking work and you will be lucky to get 3 euros per hr
    i know some growers and they receive 15 cents per kilo what ever they grow from the wholesaler
    Grow for your self
  • I am trying to find work on a small farm for the summer. I don't have any connections where I live. I've tried looking on online sites like CareerBuilder, Monster, InDeed, etc, but haven't really found any labor jobs / apprenticeships. I was wondering if maybe there was a special job database through an agriculture website that is frequently used by people in this industry? Or any publications with job listings? I live in Indiana

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