Tomato plant food

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My mother lives in Calheta and is looking for food for her tomato plants. She has found lots of other plant food but not specifically tomato as we have in the UK and wondered if anyone could help?


  • Louise, We have a house near Calheta and if your mum has no luck finding tomato food on island I could take her some when we go at end of June
  • Karen, that is so kind of you to offer but I couldnt possibly ask anyone to do that. I am actually visiting next week but can only find liquid food but as I am only taking hand luggage I wont be able to take it. If you know if its possible to get non liquid food, I've only tried Homebase, that would be very helpful?
    Thanks again, I hope you have a lovely trip, I cant wait!
  • Has she tried the garden centre next to Modelo Supermarket, Ribeira Brava. (Beside the new Sports Centre)?
  • Thanks Bee, I'll let her know.

  • I just got some Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble Tomato Plant Food and the box says to use it every 7-14 days? Should I do what it says or is that to much or to little?
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  • Hi

    Cant help you there I'm afraid but would love to know if you bought the tomato food in Madeira?
  • near madeirashopping in sao martinho. Mercado abastecedor . all farming and garding products very cheap. all local farmers go there. is = farmway in uk run by goverment.
    joao correia
  • thanks Joao - can you give more detailed directions?
  • Thanks Joao, flying out today so we'll check it out. Louise
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