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Can anyone help me please......

Who supplies all the restaurants, hotels etc with ice?
Do they have their own icemaking machines?
Is there a demand for it?
Maybe there's an icemaking warehouse that supplies all in the hospitality trade ...

Would love to hear from you ALL in Madeira.



  • Water for the ice maker is supposed to be at high pressure. Another thing I have seen is that the icemaker (and sometimes the refrigerator also) is way off level. Refrigerators should be slightly higher in the front to let the door close on it's own, but I have seen it where the front is WAY high and that throws off the icemaker, causing it to have water built up toward the rear of the unit. Another thing to avoid is reverse osmosis systems going to your icemaker. It may seem like a good idea, but you'll get hollow ice cubes with it.

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  • Hi there,

    I hope all is well. Its great to hear that you moving to madeira next year. My family and myself are moving over next year too in AUgust. If you need any information or help on anything we have stayed there before for 5 years and mvong back now. We have two children.


  • Miguela

    Next door to the Lota (commercial fish dock and market in Funchal) there is a plant that produces ice. It supplies the fish market and commercial fishing boats. You will also see many of the charter fishing boats going up there to get ice. Many of the resturants down in the marina also get ice from here, there a a couple of guys who cart it to them on wheelbarrows. As far as Bars go, most of the ones I drink in have an ice machine. Bags of ice are also available from the supermarkets.

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