interurban bus tickets

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Hi, please help me with advice: are there any sales points where you can buy tickets for interurban bus routes in advance? For example, if I want to go from Funchal to Santana, can I buy tickets in advance that are cheaper than buying from the bus driver? I have the Giro card for urban bus routes, but is there anything similar for interurban travel? I studied the Horarios do Funchal homepage, but I could't find this info. And how to understand the tarifs for the tickets that are shown in this pdf Do I understand correctly from this pdf that the bus ticket costs 3,90 euros from Funchal to Santana?


  • Hi,

    bus tickets on Madeira are relativelely cheap. From Funchal to Santana it is a long trip that lasts for hours.

  • Thank you about interurban bus tickets
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