cheapest way to Porto Santo?

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I live in Funchal for several months now. I would like to go on a trip to Porto Santo some day, but I do not want to spend a lot of money. Do I really have to pay 25 euros for one way ticket or maybe there is some less expensive way to go there and back? Maybe in October, November or January the ferry tickets are less expensive? As I understand, the Porto Santo is a very expensive place, but maybe there is some youth hostel or a camping place for hippies? :)


  • There are ony two ways to get to Porto Santo, flight which is more expensive than the ferry amd the ferry which is around €55 euros return. It rarely is cheaper than that
  • thanks for your advise,flowergirl56 . maybe we should take the ferry
  • How much does it cost to take the ferry to Porto Santo? Is it possible to take your rental car on the ferry so you will have your own transportation in Porto Santo? If I purchase a round trip ticket for the ferry, will I save money on the total cost?

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  • Look at the website for prices with car
  • Compare flights to Porto Santo!
  • just reading material on tax system,gosh to think if by buying a property there,you have the luck to win the lotto....or any capital income increase the goverment have a slice of the financial pie !! 20% if non resident for 10 years after purchase and if resident ie if on the island on the day 31 december or over 6 months there even more.this seems unfare to say the i win on bingo £1000 and bank same this shows on my bank statement , as per requirment march each year i surmit financial details of the year financial details.they are in for a piece of that pie !!,
    so its double tax here at source country which is fine by me ,,but additional tax by virtue of the fact i have a house in i think to myself what a lovely way to keep vital funds and employment away by this greed,,,am i alone in thinking this is unfair ?
    if i was wealthy i would not buy a house in madeira,would you...
  • That's the problem with doing research by yourself on the internet. You need to contact a professional about this. The tax you may pay does not necessarily need to be paid if you reinvest the capital gains into another property, for example.... There are many nuances and facets about buying a second property or a holiday property that is not your prime residence.

    I would find a professional to consult before drawing conclusions.
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