the best way to Pico Ruivo?

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If I do not have a car, how to get to Pico Ruivo? Usually I travel by city bus as far as possible and then I take long walks, because I want to spend as less money as possible. I do not want to go by tourist bus, because they must be expensive, is there a good way using the city bus how to go as near as possible to to Pico Ruivo from Funchal, take a mountain walk and then return back to Funchal at the end of the day? Or is it not realistic?


  • Hi,

    you can do it - but it's hard.
    I would prefer a 2 days route because sun rise on the top of Pico Ruivo is legendary.
    You could start at Poiso (on the Interurbanes route to Ribeiro Frio) and walk the first day the road to Pico Ariero and the trail to Pico Ruivo.
    If you want to sleep in the house at Pico Ruivo you need a permission/reservation. But you can bring a sleeping bag with you and just get water and service room there.
    The second day you could walk to Encumeada or down to Ilha or back to Poiso and take a bus at the end of all the three routes.

  • Thank you, Anton, very much! I will think about it!
  • You could spend all your first day planning what you can do and when/how you can do it. Remember to take good waterproofs as the weather can be very eratic, on one trek I was looking at an area closed because of fire risk - whilst being hit by hailstones!

    It's a great place with lots of nice people, so good luck with everything.
  • Hi, I agree that the weather can be very erratic here, especially in mountain area, but actually, I wanted to point out that those signs that you can see in Madeira, sometimes are very old :) For instance, if you were looking at the sign that warned you about the fire risk and there were hailstones in that area, it does not mean that in the morning there is fire and in the evening - frost. most probably, the warning was put out in August, during forest fires and it was still there in the winter, when there was snow or hailstones in the mountains :)

    I live here in Funchal already for 1 year now, and I see a lot of signs that say "volto ja!" (I'll be back soon!") and thay remain there, on a closed shop door or window, not only for several hours or for a weekend, but most probably, for weeks or months. Sometimes the owner of a shop never comes back, but the sign remains forever. :)

    Another popular sign is "mudou-se" - we have moved to another place. This sign also can remain on a closed shop window for years.

    Sometimes you can see a sign that invites you to a free, experimental yoga class that will take place on December 14, 2010, and it is still there even today, in February, and most probalby also in May :)

    If someting happens once in Madeira, and it is advertised with a piece of paper, the evidence of this event will be there for months or even years :)
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