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Just wondering if anyone is owed money by a certain builder/developer who previously had an office in Riberia Brava. We are owed a deposit on a partially built house that has since been given back to the bank to repay the builder's debts, this is also the case with friends we know who are owed quite a substantial amount. They are currently taking the builder to court under liquidation/bankruptcy proceedings, however the builder has told the court that he does not owe anyone any money - all his debts have been paid! We tend to disagree. If anyone thinks we are talking about the same builder (obviously I can't mention his name) there may be a chance, if the court agrees with our friends, that the builder may be made bankrupt and if there is any money left they and maybe us and others may actually get some money back. If you are owed money and are interested in adding your details to ours and our friends in order to substantiate the builders debt please contact me.

Many thanks


  • dear gail.
    If the property has been given to the bank ,you must be able to get your deposit back . The banks dont like to keep houses only money,so you must take your contract to the bank and deal with them . that villa be on market soon.
    joao correia
  • Hi joao correia

    Thanks for your reply, I will pass this info on to our solicitor and see what he has to say, it would be good to get something back.

  • ask your solicitor to see with the land regestry the name of the persons,or bank? their must register the loans agains the plot .
    good luck
    joao correia
  • im from madeira living in uk for the last 21 years. where is the house where you paid the deposit? you must had use a solicitor? and he must have information about the seller?
    I be in Madeira for christmas and new year if you need help please tell us.
    joao correia
  • Gail,

    Everybody who is anybody in the real estate business dealing with the west of the island knows EXACTLY who you are talking about. Say goodbye to your money, imho....
  • Hi limbo and other well wishers

    Thought you would know who we were talking about, think we have already said goodbye to the money but will wait to see what the courts say - eventually! We think his intentions initially were good but with the recession and over-building and over-spending it all went down the pan. Have heard he's back in the UK not sure where yet. We're back in Madeira next week as we still love the island.

    Thanks for your input
  • well done gail
    joao correia
  • Gail,
    Sorry to read your story. We have got a fantastic builder, I have not seen a builder like him. We live in Ponta do Sol, Two other British families are our neighbours, all houses built by him. You are welcome to visit us. I am a retireddoctor from South Wales.
    Best wishes.
    Dipak .
  • Hi Dipak

    Good to hear that there are still some good builders around. Not sure that we will make it to Ponto do Sol this time as we are staying in Funchal and don't intend to hire a car, just want to relax. When we have sorted out the business in hand we will start to organise our eventual move to Madeira and would love to meet up with you.

    Many thanks
  • I wonder who it can be. We met a guy in RB who was English, but we decided not to use him. Maybe it was the same guy.
    We used a local builder who built us a lovely villa and on time. Although I think most builders on the island are struggling now.
  • Dear Gail and all those who have suffered at the hands of this builder.

    I have been the first client and he has taken the best part of £300k I have also suffered cost of £17K so far in solicitors fees.

    There are other poeople like hotels who encouraged people like us to unvest and promise to pay 10% after so mny years. Now the Hotelier has been removeed from the group and our money is as good as non-existent!!!

    Where do we go from here. Both these men lived a very high standard at our cost.
  • That's just shocking, that someone can do that! Really hope you get your money back.
    Would be nice to see a list of good builders. Also, as Calheta escaped the mud slides, I would guess best place to build? Are most homes in the island built to a high standard?

    This man must be made to pay! So unfair people loose so much money on there dream home.
  • Yes!!!!!

    They both insists they have not done anyone anything wrong or owe anyone anything.
    However, the matter is in the hands of the law, we will just have to wait and see if justice prevails.

    Caletta may have suvived the devastation but this mess has really put me off completely.

    Others have done similar and are now refusing to pay up too. The lawyers are just as damn dishonest.

    One day it will all return to them, they will all feel the pain I am feeling especially in my present situation.

    Many thanks for your contact.
  • Does this problem just accure when you build houses ?
    Fingers crossed all works out fine.
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