Abandoned baby birds?

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I have a lean-to (open shed) that we use to store tools and stuff. There have been 3 birds to nest in there before with no problem. The most recent bird nested there is something I've never seen before. The mother is like brown or something... we can't make out her color because it's dark in there which makes it hard to figure out what type of bird it is. Anyways... she had 4 eggs which are now hatched. The babies are pretty big and well protected from falling out of their nest. We have not seen the mother in three days. We were thinking that maybe she was staying out earlier - later and just coming back to the nest to drop some food off for the babies and then head out again. But we haven't seen her coming back to make stops. We put up a camera that would take pictures when there was movement. We did manage to get some pics, but they were only of the babies wiggling around. This morning at 6, I went out to the nest thinking the mother would be there since its cold and early, but no. Then last night at 10, i went out there and still no sign of the mother. We do have a nest belonging to hawks on our property... we were thinking that maybe they have killed her. Also, crows have been getting nearer to the shed... would they kill the babies if they find them? My dad dug up some worms for the babies and fed it to them, dad said that they were flailing around trying to get the worm first as if they were starving. Also when I checked up on them this morning, they were huddled together, very cold. I felt the edges of the nest to see if it was warm from the mother laying there, but it wasn't.
At some point to the babies get too big to be sat on? Does the mother have to live in a close tree because she can't fit in her nest? Anyone with ideas of what to do, please tell me! I don't want these baby birds to die.
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