Palm Trees

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What types of Palm Trees can grow in Madeira ? Someone said theres a Coconut growing in Funchal ? And where in Madeira is a good sourse to buy palms?


  • I would love to grow:-
    Hyophorpe palms
    Adonida ( Christmas palms)
    Ptychosperma Elegans
    Royal Cuban Palms
    Areca (Betal Nut )
    Dwarf Coconut
    Dypsis Orange Crush

    Any info anyone
  • Near the funchal hospital in the road leading to virtudes are a lovelly plant and tree specialist you can by palms and also just before madeira shoping is another one.
  • Ok thanks for that. Is true that there is a coconut tree growing in Funchal?
  • not sure but possible the local goverment even import olive trees and plant them at canical seafront, maybe are coconut in funchal maybe at botanical gardens or in monte palace gardens.
    The Monte palace gardens , the previous owners had live in southamerica, made lots of money and poen the gardens ,and import lots of ilegal plants from around the world.
  • If what I hear is true that Madeira never drops lower than 16C, then should be easy growing palms. I guess winter it rains heavy?
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