Wild life in Madeira

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What wild life can be found in Madeira?


  • lezards are natives of this island. Lots birds. also lots of native wild plants and flowers . and ingles botanists in return from the tropics normaly stop in funchal so left lots os plants and trees from around the world growing in madeira since victorian days.
    j. Correia
  • Any exotic birds like parrots etc?
    Are there snakes on island?
  • no parrots

    no snakes

    just rabbits
  • Is the Dolphin and Whale watching good? And what Coastal areas around Madeira would you have a better chance of see'ing them.

    So just Lizards and Rabbits. On such a small island? Rabbits must be a real pain? As so close to west Africa I was expecting some exotic birds ?etc.
  • if you want see parrot go to botanical garden in funchal and gardens next to them has lots of parrots but in cadges.
    To see dolfins and whales go on boat trips from marina.
    no snakes sorry. lots of noise dogs in madeira.
  • The birds of Madeira hold particular interest to bird watchers as the islands' ecosystems support a wide variety of land and sea birds, including endemic, unusual and endangered species such as Zino's Petrel or the Madeira Firecrest. There are 42 breeding species or subspecies of birds in Madeira.
  • Whales, Dolphins and Cory's Shearwaters
  • Drunks
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