People Who Have Retired To Madeira

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Any advise please from people who have retired to Madeira? Any hints with good pool builders? Cheaper places to buy food? How have the Madeiran people treated you? Which are best banks to use? Is driving around easy? Shopping malls, infact anything you may feel useful.


  • You got text problem Kebab?
  • You need to do a fact finding visit and also lots of research. We are not retired but go their often as we have a villa. If you do purchase don't forget to get a good lawyer. Food is good quality on the island and well priced, providing you stick to local produce and don't buy English. The Madeiran people are delightful, and always seem to have a smile. There are lots of supermarkets and driving is fine once you get used to the narrow roads. Mind you you can get to lots of places via the rapida.
    Lots of banks to choose, we use BANIF, but it's not like the UK, banks charge you for everything.
    We also try and speak a little Portuguese, although mine is very limited, it goes a long way if your try. Many Madeirans speak English.
  • visit the madeirathimes news on line. get lot information.
  • Is there a University on the island?
  • UNA- universidade da madeira try webbsite for madeira website.
    my sister lectures at madeira university.
  • That's interesting. Must find out what courses they have?
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