Kung Fu

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My son is learning Kung Fu, and wondered if they have junior clubs in Madeira


  • ontact the international scholl in funchal.
  • Yeah Kung Fu sounds great! I might take Karate but I think all martial arts are very effective in any other sport that you play or just for self defense.
  • i am interested, can anyone post a few contacts and website details on here.

    it would be appreciated.

  • Funchal has clubo de judo da Madeira. Try maybe e web page?
  • not interested in judo.
    between judo and kung fu there is a very big difference between the two martial arts.

    anyway, if anyone knows of any kung-fu clubs, please provide details like the kung-fu style, contacts details.
  • No as far as i know there are no kung-fu clubs in Madeira !

    Karate and Judo are available though ..

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