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anyone know of any companies in Madeira that ship stuff to the UK?


  • the blandy webbsite.
    joao correia
  • obrigado,joao
  • r u sorted?
    r u moving to uk?
    i live in uk for 21 years but one of these days fancy to go back home.
    joao correia
  • undecided ,maybe shipping some stuff back at a later date .
  • I ordered something from California and selected the UPS standard ground shipping and I live in Pennsylvania how long do you think it will take to get to me?

    Velvet by Graham and Spencer
  • Why don't you ask UPS. This is a Portugal site.
  • Anyone have lists of shipping from Madeira to Weymouth in the 1800's to 1860's.
    Or does anyone know where to look. One of my ancestors transported wine and probably lace etc from Madeira. His ship was called "florence" his name was Charles Bullen Davis and his son in law was Robert wilkinson.

    Thanks for your time
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