De Jesus family from Estreito da Camara de Lobos

Hi all,

I am searching my family name of De Jesus. My father was born in Estreito da Camara de Lobos in 1929 and migrated to Australia in 1970. His name was Francisco De Jesus and he was the youngest of nine brothers and sisters he married my mother Augusta Filomena De Freitas in 1960. His fathers name was Silvestre De Jesus and his mother was Silvina De Jesus who married in 1909 in Esreito de Camara de Lobos and I believe they lived there all their life, Silvina died when my father was very young and my grandfather remarried in the 60s and later died 1969 / 1970. I do know that two of his brothers migrated to Brazil in the late 60's, Jose and Joao De Jesus. I would very much like to make contact with anyone who knows of my family and especially any family member from my fathers side as I have never met any relative with the same surname.

Many Thanks
J.P De Jesus
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