Soon to be moving to Funchal

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Dear fellow posters

Hi our names are Gary and Pauline and we have very recently purchased our soon to be new home in Funchal. Whilst we are not looking to move over permanently until August/Sept we will be coming over in Mid January to collect keys and organise a few bits to be done i.e. organising and the setting up of the following:
Bank Account (preferably one that has low or no charges!)
Setting up of standing orders for utilities e.g. water, electric, council tax (or equivalent) etc etc
It would be great if we could manage the majority of the above via the internet however whilst we are actively learning Portuguese we are still only beginners so may need to have the Portuguese dictionary handy!

We are sure that there are going to many more things that we will need helpful advise on so if you are willing to share your invaluable knowledge then please drop us a line.

We are so looking forward to moving to our new home and the experiences that this will bring.

Kind regards

Gary and Pauline


  • Good luck!

    You won't escape bank charges on your bank account in most cases. All the standing orders you mention above can be achieved except the IMI (Council Tax) at your bank. You will have to wait for the letter from the tax authority to pay your council tax (which once received can be paid online).
  • It is not the easiest place for setting up all number of things, but you can get some excellant advice from Joy Menezes or Hilde at the British Consulate, email below. Madeira is on overload with burocracy and nothing happens quickly, so you will also need to be patient, good luck.
  • Hi Limbo and Flowergirl

    Thank you very much for your responses and help, it is much appreciated.

    Best wishes
  • hi Gary and Pauline.

    we are from madeira and living in uk for 22 years in Northumberland. we have two homes in the island and manage all my utilities paid by directdebit. We have a Banco Espirito Santo ( Bank account ) BES have a website and office in london. their speak your lingo. Make sure you get the best advice from consulate ,and also avoid just taking from just anyone.
    With the electric you can tell them that you not be there all the time, and you be paying just the meter rent Euros 5.35 , and everytime you be in madeira you can take the meter reading and go online and pay for your used that time. and the rest of time you only paid meter rent.
    Avoid management company their charge a fortune and dont do anything.
    If you need more help please contact us or send a private message
    joao Correia
  • Good luck with your move. We purchased our villa a couple of years ago but only use for holidays. As Limbo says you will be lucky to escape bank charges, they charge for everything. We are with BANIF who seem pretty good. the only thing we can't pay by direct debit is our water. Not sure if its the same for everyone, could just be because we are in Calheta area.
  • Hi Gary and Pauline,

    We are also moving to Madeira in August i hope everything of the best for you and if you need help you are more that welcome to contact me as we are fluent in Portuguese.


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