Animal Welfare Campaign - can anyone help a little?

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Hi, all dog-lovers! I'm preparing a small campaign to inform the public about animal welfare in general and how to care for the dogs' needs in particular, to start 15 January 2011. I've written a small A4 pamphlet and had it translated to Portuguese, and I will be hanging it up all over the Arco da Calheta area (in stores, post offices, schools, etc.). The pamphlet informs about "4 ways to make your dog happier", with small suggestions, a little info, and a few tips - all written in a positive & respectful tone. My hope is this campaign will be a small contribution to building the much needed pet culture in Madeira, to work against e.g. letting dogs stay in chains all day, and similar.
So can anyone help posting copies of this pamphlet in certain regions of Madeira? It would be highly appreciated. If you're interested in helping out, please email me on, and I'll give you more info + send you the pamphlet.


  • Hi Rob!

    I know this was written a while ago, but how did you get along with those leaflets?

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