Heating House Near Boa Nova ( São João Latrã)

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We have a 3 bedroom house in the vicinity of Boa Nova ( São João Latrã) that needs heating to take the chill of during the winter months. The area attracts the fog and the nights can be chilly.
I am considering putting electric wall mounted heaters by the Company EconoHeat and wonder if anyone has these and could advise for or against. I have considered Gas heating but the price is high as it is with Electric air con or oil radiators.
Any help or advice will be welcome.


  • have you look in solar power, now is on sale in madeira. Also MaxMatt @ madeira shoping sale woodburning stoves. and in Mdeira are plenty wood,( Madeira).
    Also we find by having a dehumidefier tkes de damp out.
    joao correia
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