Justino's Boal Medium Sweet Wine Vintage 1890

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My mom is in possession of an old bottle of Justino's Boal Medium Sweet Wine Vintage 1890. It is unopened and has been in her possession for quite some time now. On the bottom of the label it says it was imported by the Great Lakes Wine Company in Chicago, Illinois.

Can anyone tell me of the approximate value of this unopened bottle of wine? Thanks for any help you can give me.



  • It depends when it was bottled or how long it aged in cask. If she had it a long time. That is, decades, then it might not be worth as much as the same wine bottled later. I "might" risk buying it for something like €100 at the most. But you need to be able to show the condition of the cork and the bottle. It is a difficult thing to evaluate as you never know if it was recorked with something else. Not likely, but can happen.
  • I've added 7 various pictures of the bottle to show you what it looks like. Let me know what you think. And give me a price in US dollars please. :)

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