Looking for ancestors in Madeira

My name is Jorge Fernandez, born in Argentina. From my father side his parents migrated to Argentina around 1927-30 from Madeira. Their names were Julio Maximiano Fernandes and Victoria Goncalvez. When migrated they had two girls Maria Eugenia and Maria Victoria. Few Things I remember about his life in the island, they had a sort of trading shop in Funchal.

Appreciated, with this few pieces of information, you can provide some clue about any family members from Julio and Victoria.

Kind Regards

Jorge Fernandez


  • Greetings, looking for info. Antonio Rodrigues married Adelaide Virginia Govear about 1856 in Funchal.
    They entered service for an English family - Major Peacock & family. Then they migrated in 1858 to Akaroa New Zealand. Would like to know anything about the families back in Madeira. Also the story behind the distintive native pixie looking hat. What were the prominent tales, nursery rhymes of Madeira back then ?

    Kind Regards

    Caroline Ridgway
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