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Hi all,
My wife and I are thinking of moving to Maderia, we have a 8 month old boy with us, we have millions of questions but the main is if there is a Rastafari or Hippie culture on Maderia? I noticed there is good surfing and that im looking forward to. We also have been thinking of starting a little business up (Headshop). I have searched the web without finding any headshops on Maderia does anyone know if there are any?
Whats the cannabis scen like, it exsist everywhere I know that but is it accepted like in Spain?
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  • There is no Rastafari or hippie community here , nor are drugs of any kind tolerated. Starting up a business is a long and expensive process, you cannot just 'start up a business' without being licenced by the Authority and paying a bond. Applications are considered by the authority and are dependant on whether they will be beneficial to the community, it is also not possible to operate at a loss in Madeira, which is why many small business fail. The economic situation is very bad at the moment with tourism being affected and many people losing their jobs and consequently income. There is no Social Security available here unless you have been in work for two consequtive years and paid all local taxes etc., and then it is only a very small sum, and for a limited amount of time. Anyone moving to Madeira needs to be financially self supporting for at least two years, apartments are not cheap (rental begins at around €300 per month for 1 bedroom, so think carefully before you take such a big step.
  • You sound very negative? Why? Portugal is very liberal with drugs, its decriminalised in portugal. Maderia belongs to Portugal so I dont see the fuss. Anyhow, hippies are everywhere for sure in Maderia as well. Anyone with a serious answer?
  • I think the above answer was quite informative and correct.
    It may not have been the answer you are looking for, but it is pretty accurate.

    He was very helpful in providing background information on starting a business
    etc, and the answer he gave was not negative, only so from your perspective.

    Madeira, although part of Portugal, still has an autonomous government of sorts, and the communities are very family orientated.
    I could easily see why drugs wouldnt be tolerated, although like every other place in the world, most of it does happen "underground".

    You could try to form a hippie community, but I think that you may receive alot of negativity from the community.
    I think the best would be to take a few weeks holiday in Maderia and asses whether this is the place for you.

    Anyway...just my perspective.
  • Just thought it was a negative way of answering, any how thx for ur reply and answer. We are not any junkies, we just enjoy a good smoke instead of a drink and we had reports that it was ready available in Maderia. I use it due to ahrtaritize (Sry my spelling). I have a medical letting me in those countries that has it as a medical exemption. Often where u find hippies or rastafaris u find a good supply thats why I asked, im not forming a community, lol...not that desperate. Yes we will try the Island and see what its like. Whats the average age of the expats living there? Is it a mix or mainly elderly couples? Thx again for ur answer.
  • uff..., loads of hippies here. Albeit, they don't wear tie dyed t-shirts, leather sandals or a headband with a flower to show who they are.... And if anybody thinks getting "ganza" - the local word for marijuana or hash - is hard then they are in complete denial about the excessive availability of that herb on Madeira.
  • I didn't suggest drugs were hard to find, I said they were not tolerated, even the street dogs can tell anyone who is on drugs. I know there are drugs around but I have seen many people busted for dealing and using, the tolerance level is almost zero. The original poster says it is used for a medical condition, but then admits to getting supplies from hippies, so that in itself is questionable. Madeira has enough problems at the moment and it will get worse, both financially and socially, so great care needs to taken before embarking on a life here without being sure of what the life is like.
  • In Madeira,it is ok to be an alcoholic,but if you skin up a joint,wow,they will think of you as a junkie.The closest you will get over here to rasta ans sliffs will be a Bob Marley T-shirt.Good luck.
  • I just moved here but half of the people at my work smoke weed (about 15 people). They aren't portugese though but still.

    I asked 4 taxi drivers about where to buy weed. They didn't seem very offended.

    There's a shop selling research chemicals, filters, bongs, etc by dolce vita. I've only been there once and before opening there was a line waiting for the store to open...

    If you say madeira isnt drug liberal well okay, but from what I've noticed so far they seem very liberal.

    I also doubt that anyone got arrested for using and drugs sin all drugs are decriminalized. Is it really that corrupt?

    Lastly I always go to the store high and such. Nobody seems to have had a problem with it yet.
  • Just walked past a guy smoking a joint where alot of tourist walk. Sure it's 10pm but alot of people are still walking by.
  • Just been for a few weeks....some of u guys need to wake up...lol....never seen so much weed, maybe in Amsterdam or in Asia....great holiday, will for sure consider moving to Maderia.....weed rocks....
  • Its a pity you can't find anything better to do than get stoned, people like you are the scum. Don't need any more in Madeira
  • Ntin wrong with getting stoned, the local weed in Funchal was very good. I went up the mountain somewhere on a little rave party....loads of Acid there that was very very good.
  • lol, arumlilyplant! Are you living in the 30's?`If you don't like the fact that Madeira is VERY drug liberal maybe you should just get the fuck out of there? You're the outsider here dude. People like you make me sick.
  • You all need to get a life, preferably not in Madeia, don't spoil a beautiful island
  • We are moving to Maderia, just gathering around 10 old vans full of hippies and gear. Then we will come and spill The Greatfuldead and Pink Floyd in every corner
  • Madeira is beautiful because of it's people, because of it's hippies, because of it's liberal stance. People like you make it awful, arumlilyplant. Maybe you should move to USA, Sweden or any other fascist country instead.
  • Arumlilyplantis right, it isn't them that spoils Madeira, it's the likes of you lot who spoil everything and show no respect to anything or anyone. Thank God there is no social security here or it would be like UK.As to the fascist referance, this is offensive and just shows your single selfish minded approach to the real world or anything you don't agree with. If someone disagrees with your lifestyle it doesn't make them fascist, just decent citizens. Do something useful with your life and get real.
  • You think people that pity other people that like to smoke a joint are decent citizens? Are you arumlilypant on another account or what?

    You are the ones who do not show respect, not us.

    I haven't seen so many smokers here since my last visit to amsterdam and you wanna come here and tell us that we are the bad ones? Come on, be realistic for once.

    Maybe you've missed it but all drugs are legal for personal use here. If it doesn't fit you there are plenty of other countries to visit. I'm happy here with my fellow stoners.

    And by the way, I am doing something useful with my life. I moved 3000 miles from "home", to madeira - a beautiful island with kind people who do not mind if I light a spliff or two. Where were you at the age of 21? Maybe YOU should do something useful with your life... Pathetic being.
  • :)))) lol....the person lives in his/her own lil bubble...Get a grip and wake up....
  • Yeah, definitely. But I guess we who like to smoke joint every once in a while ruin Madeira with our friendliness or maybe by munching sweets... We really are some destructive people!
  • hahahaha.... :)))
  • Hi guys, im thinking of going down to Madeira this summer and i wounder exactly how "easy" it is to get you hands on weed there? i live in Sweden at the moment and getting it here is a real pain. Saw that you talked about it earlier and would be glad to know so i can get it fast when im there :D
  • Ska du jobba eller semestra? Ska du jobba har du iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinga problem. Ska du semestra kan du slť mig en pling om du inte hittar;)

    Men det är nog inte lättare att fixa röka här än i Sverige. Alla röker ju i Sverige... Lite mer dolt än här bara. Men bara lite.

    Oreo123 Wrote:
    > Hi guys, im thinking of going down to Madeira this
    > summer and i wounder exactly how "easy" it is to
    > get you hands on weed there? i live in Sweden at
    > the moment and getting it here is a real pain. Saw
    > that you talked about it earlier and would be glad
    > to know so i can get it fast when im there :D
  • Jag ska bara över pť semester sť kanske mťste slť en pling :D , men bara en liten frťga. Du nämnde att det inte var nťgra problem om man jobbade, varför? och sen vet jag att man i fastlandet har gjort weed nästan lagligt om man har fťtt det rekommenderat av en doktor, har Madeira valt att inte ha det sť?
  • För att ťtminstone 50% röker och är drogliberala pť jobbet;)

    Som turist fťr man det nog svťrt att fixa röka här. Det är dessutom riktigt dťligt röka du kommer fť.

    Inget jag har hört nťgonting om varken här eller i Portugal. Har du källa? Men alla droger är ju avkriminaliserade i Portugal sť du ska inte behöva oroa dig över att ťka fast eller nťgot sťdant. Ska du röka ute sť hťll det snyggt. Visa respekt mot andra liksom. Det är ju inte som Spanien och finns mťnga turister sť gťr fortf att fť mťnga arga blickar... Denna trťd är ju ett bra exempel pť det, hehe.

    Sen behöver man ju dock inte bry sig om folks blickar hehe, men jag anser att man alltid ska visa respekt pť allmän plats...
  • I was curious to read the comments about the island being spoiled by rasta culture.The island had been long spoiled by enormous numbers of brits and other immigrants who have built all over the place leaving a potentially beautiful island half covered by concrete..

    Je voudrais savoir s'il vous plait s' il ya une population francais établit sur l'isle. Je sais bien qu'il ya enormement des britanniques mais j' apprecierait la perspective francaise. Merci à vous.

    My wife and I live in France but are thinking about moving to Madeira which we have visited 3 times. I would like to know if there is a french expat community on the island. French tourists seem to be far less numerous than the english. There is a large french expat community and a lot of cannabis in Morocco and a whole lot of sand and dust. Personally I don't smoke cannabis but would not be against its legalisation.
  • Contrary to your belief, francophile, the main cause for all the concrete around the island is not the brits and immigrants, but our Government's greed.
  • thanks for your reply biaria, we are agreed that Madeira is half covered in concrete if not on the reason for this. Most if not all beautiful places in the world are sooner or later ruined by people whose appetite for money is greater than their appreciation of beauty. Perhaps the Azores have been less molested but they are further away and I think the climate is not so good, this might be their saviour.
  • go for the Cape Verde islands man,less people ,less concrete
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