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I have decided to produce a One Act Play for the MADS in the grounds of the Holy Trinity Church, using the entrance to the church as the scene date yet to be decided. The title is “Henry Hereafter”.

Henry VIII unexpectedly finds himself in the disconcerting position of being in the same room as all his ex wives at the same time. The room in question is the waiting area between heaven and hell. Henry and his wives find themselves being question by the local Seraph in order to establish who should ultimately end up in heaven and who should go to hell.

Pretty soon the comments and jibes are flying between Henry and is ex’s as the wives vie for pole position in the pecking order. There is no love lost between the haughty Catherine of Aragon and the rest of the wives. Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard are the cousins who renew their acquaintance and compare experiences of having one’s head lopped off (a sword apparently being the preferred method to an axe!). Catherine Parr is the experienced, flirty wife, the only one who really understood Henry. None of the wives had much time for Jane Seymour who sniveled her way through the entire experience. Anne of Cleves finally appeared in the midst of them all to proudly point out that she was the only one to receive a pension and be buried in Westminster Abbey!

In the end the Seraph decides it would be unfair to spend the rest of time in the company of all his wives – but will ultimately end up in heaven and who in hell? The finally decision is clearly shock to all the wives?

We are looking for new blood bring yourself and anyone else you think would be interested to read the play and hopefully I can cast it on 27th April. Please contact SUE for further details – DON’T BE SHY – there are six wives plius Henry VIII and “Marmaduke” the seraph. Don’t want to put address for meeting on the forum so please contact me by email for further details.


  • I just would like to add one thing, I searched when I arrived just over three years ago to join MADS - I finally got involved in their recent play last weekend. It is not a closed shop and it really would welcome newcomers - don't be like me and take so long we really are waiting for new talent and I am sure it is available on the Island.
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