Finding work in Madeira? What are the possibilities?

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Just moved to madeira because my girl friend got job here. We're doing fine on her salary but it's quite boring being home all day doing nothing but household.

I'm learning Portuguese at the moment and it's going great. It's hard to construct sentences and hear what people are saying but by reading I can understand pretty much after just three months.

I've been working as purchaser/storeman for a year before moving here so I don't really have much experience in anything. I have a university degree (or whatever it's called in english since we don't have the same system) in logistics.

I heard my chances of getting job are in the hotel industry or working in bars, is this correct? I have no interest working in bars so that just leaves the hotels. What kind of job can i expect there and is it possible getting work there without any experience? I've heard even the portugese here have trouble finding job.


  • In yesterday's local newspaper even the Rector of the University of Madeira was reported to have told his students that once they graduate do not expect to find a job BUT to have to create their own form of employment. That is a very grim assessment when the raison d'etre for the University itself was to train in areas that would apply to the economy of the island itself (no degrees in drama or esoteric fields such as music or religion...).

    However, having said that, it is true that most foreigners who come over do have a better work ethic than the locals and are usually easier to employ if their Portuguese is up to scratch. Good luck.
  • bake cookies at home and sell it on the flea market
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  • Hi
    How is it going with finding a job?
    I am also interested in moving there but I can’t speak a word of Portuguese.
    However I am a qualified electrician, fitter and I can help myself around boilemaking.

    Do you think I will get anywhere in the labouring islands if not in Madeira.


  • You will find it almost impossible to find any work in either Madeira or Porto Santo unless you are fluent in Portugues and even then they don't like to employ foreigners when there are so many of their own nationality without jobs.
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