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Hi to all!
I am currently looking for a job in Madeira. I have a fiancé in Madeira and we want to get married and to live on the island. But I need a job there. My mother tongue is Hungarian, I speak on conversational level in English and in Russian, and I learn the Portuguese language. My qualifications are IT specialist, diplomatic expert, and I am a program organizer too. But I take on any kind of job with pleasure. Can anyone help me?
If you know of any jobs please write me.
Thank you


  • Hi Livia

    Unfortunately you will find it extremely difficult to find work here in Madeira unless you are able to speak Portugeuse fluently. There is a shortage of jobs available here even for the locals so we outsiders stand very little chance.

    But I wish you luck, Elaine
  • Helló Lívia!
    Szintén motoros vagyok... Madeirán keresek munkát, elvarázsolt a sziget...
    Rólam picit. 31 éves vagyok, 5 éve sportanimátor görög szigeteken. elméletileg személyi asszisztens és kereskedõ képesítésem is van, de mint sport animátor találtam meg eddig legjobban a helyem.. nyitott vagyok sok mindenre, dolgozni szeretnék, legyen a munkakör emberekkel vagy állatokkal....:))
    Ha jutsz valamire és esetleg kellene még egy ember, kérlek jelezd nekem.
    Addig is sok szerencsét!!! Legjobbakat!!!

    For the people who didn't understand the words up there:
    i said to Lívia that i am also a hungarian girl looking for job on that great island. i informed her about my educations and personality. Also asked her if she find any possibilities than please contact me....
  • I was wondering if there are any restaurant manager jobs or pubs to run. I would love to move my family out to madeira need a live in job. I speak Portuguese and describe myself as Ambitious, diverse and dedicated General manager with more than six years of career progression in the catering industry with a previous twelve years in poultry farm management and four years in quality assurance.
  • You will find it very difficult getting a job here as there are too many people already out of work and many places are closing down. No-one has any money and the Government is introducing measures tohelp with the dreadful finance which means everything is more expensive and less money to go around.
  • However, for someone who is prepared to take any type of job, it's still possible to find work
  • I am massage therapist. Madeira, I would like to work with my profession.
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