Joseph family (Sephardic Jew?)

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In Antigua in 1903 there were 2 people who were of the surname Joseph.

1. Sylvester Joseph.

2. Alfred Joseph who married Mary Agusta Antonio/Anthony who was born on January 04 1883. This lady was also called Sara(h). They were married in Antigua W.I. Shelater went to USA where she married an Italian.??name unknown.

Can anyone throw any light on this family. I do not know if the above men were related or not.


  • Are there any people living in Madeira whose family members/ relatives emigrated to the Caribbean between 1846-1870 .
    Is there anyone called Joseph still living thre? Can anyone shed any light on these questions??? H--E--L--P!!!!!
  • dear friend,
    The name joseph is Jose in Portuguese, and normaly parents call their boys by Jose Manuel or jose is their first name.
    So in Madeira we have milions on Jose, in my famely are a lot of man with that name.
    Jews= lot of very welfy jews lived in funchal, because fled europe, and in Madeira funchal in late 1800 to middle of 1900, People use to travel by boat to emigrate to the rest of the world, so lot of jews also start small trades in Madeira like embrodorie, tapestry/ needle point work.
    I live in uk, but a lot of my fameli moved to america, brasil,south africa and south america.
    People use to jumb the boat, or send their children away in hoping of a better future.
    Hope this will help you, but keep in touch.
    If you vesit madeira i can send you same places for you visit, and i can recomend places to stay.
    joao M P Correia
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