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My 92 year old grandfather who lives in Calheta has just had a small stroke and was treated at the old hospital at Monte.I was hoping that someone might be able to recommend a good private hospital that we could try as it has been very difficult getting any information at all out of the doctors there. I would appreciate any advice about hospitals in Madeira that you can give me. Louise


  • I don't know what's worse. The public hospitals or the private clinics....

    Why don't you try the Madeira Medical Centre:
  • The old hospital in Monte is used for recovery. Or when people can not help at home from famely. So i dont thing he be geting better treatment anywhere else.
    Normely the dotour be send him home and have fisioterapy at the healthcenter in calheta. Dont thing you can get better because u r paying private, because normaly all the docters and specialists work for he hospital 50% of time and 50% of time at private clinics.

    J correia in uk
  • Thanks so much for taking the time to reply Joao and the Bat. I will pass on the info you've given me. Louise wishing she was in Madeira now!
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