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I like to Know if the uk comunity in Madeira island are aware of the Clear View Group Homes in Madeira island. The director Jacinto gomes?
This week here inuk Itv 1 , showed o programe homes from hell, about Mr. and Mrs Jim and Barbara archer. The honest couple invest 345.000 euros, in the above group buying a property that never been finished. Now their lost all their life savings and al their belongs that also been in store in the island and been completed flooded.
The company also claim that have no money.
Im from Madeira and living in uk for last 24 years . I found very low that my people are doing this to distroy our paradise island and the repotation of our friendlyness nature.
Please can not the brithish ambasy in Funchal help this people?
And the newpapers in Madeira must publish and make sure that this creminals be called to pay the price. and all theirs assets must be frozen, and made to refund the money to this honest people.

Go on line at and watch.


  • Also is www.proprifunchal, real estate agent belong to the same people of clearview, group?
  • The clearview group which was fronted by both Jacinto Gomes and David Albon caused a lot of problems for the real estate image in Madeira. Would it help to know that David Albon came out of the timeshare industry - which rewards "bs"-ing types the most.

    David Albon fled Madeira after the Judiciary Police were asked to arrest him. Jacinto Gomes has fled to Brazil. They ripped many people off.

    There is so much we could tell you about these two characters. Signature forgeries, contract reneges, dodgy building practices, swindling their own relatives, divorces, deceit in so many ways it became an art, porsche chases, collapsing houses, and so on. Could be made into a movie.

    I feel sorry for Jacinto's father though. He is a respectable businessman (sand dredging) who assumed some of his son's debt even if he had no responsibility or need to do so.

    But David Albon, he's another story, well..., he one very slippery fish he is.
  • dear limbo.
    thank you for this imformation. i wonder if is anything can be done out there to help this people.
    The archers been left runing a pub in uk at age of 63, to survive.
    The madeira thimes newspapper must do like a helping fund,
  • Hi joao,

    why a helping fund?

    I have lost money on the stock market - could need such a fund too ;)

  • We met David Albon around the time he met the Archers. He took us to a plot and promised he would build the house of our dreams. He produced plans from is office in Ribeira Brava, and when we wanted amendments they were emailed almost immediately. This was a slick operation. But it all sounded too good to be true. We made some enquiries, and I then advised we did not want to use him. What annoyed me was that we were introduced to him by a Madeiran Estate Agent.
    What I cant understand is where were the Archers lawyers in all this?
  • David Albon was a bona fide crook. He even fooled the estate agents.
  • And here goes a list of estate agents to avoid for anybody else wanting to enter the real estate market:

    ReMax (avoid the one in the Lido area - like the plague).
    PropriFunchal (they were in cahoots with David Albon). I think they have been shut down anyways.
    Madeira Plus (not sure if they are legal).
    Blue Levada estates. Nice friendly agent but totally misinformed on how real estate law works in Portugal. I do not think they are licensed either.

    So be warned.
  • Blue Levavada Estates is licenced but she now has relocated to the UK along with her 'partner' Bryn, to the UK. Beware!!!
  • Terrible what happened to Jim and Barbara,it amazes me that these con merchants get away with things like that.They are left with nothing and these con men are living a life of luxury,where is the justice.Did David Albon get arrested or did he manage to slip the net?
  • hi,
    By the ITV, David is still in the run again.
    Im from Madeira living in UK for the last 24 years, and im very sorry for Jim and Barbara.
    I wonder if anyone has jim and Barbara contact in uk?
    joao correia
  • So Davids on the run?I wonder if any thing is being done about it,any ideas on what happened to Jacinto.I hope Jack and Barbara pursue matters further.Nothing seems to have been mentioned about them since the itv show.
  • In the show Jacinto had gone to brazil. I wonder why the couple dont aproach the bank. And try to see how mutch is the existing amount in the property.
    Maybe is lower that the value of the property market value. And try go get back.
    their need to make sure the Portuguese solocitors are not another mafia.
  • So did they both manage to flee Madeira without being arrested?Jacinto went to Brazil but what about David?going by what we were shown on itv the home Jim and Barbara were having built was nearly completed,surely they still own it or was it still owned by clearview?Were the solicitiors and clearview partners?so many questions that were left unanswered.
  • Are u in Madeira?
    I just thing is a sad afair to this 2 honest persons.
    I wish i could help them.
    Joao Correia
  • Im not in madeira,would be nice though.Its a very sad thing thats happened to the Archers,we have to remember it wasnt just them that lost thousands.There has to be something that could be done to help all the people that lost out,did the police just drop the case?These people lost everything,did Jacinto and David loose everything?They have moved on and most likely doing the same in another country!Im sure there must be something that can be done.
  • I may not have 100% sympathy for the Archers or for any of the many others that David Albon screwed. By the many others I refer to all those British expats who chose to work with a British homebuilder instead of a Madeiran one. They chose the british over a madeiran builder because of self-imposed wanton ignorance and discrimination for their "own kind". But then again scam artists exist in every socitey. But the Archers should have kown better than to give them the rest of their savings. Idiots like the Archers should also be guilty of their own lot too. Jacinto would not be a crook if it wasn't for David Albon. I am not defending Jacinto. He is a bona-fide crook too. And I am not Madeiran either. But David Albon was the king pin in all of this and rule brittania, rue brittania, rue your choices...
  • I think it may be a little harsh in calling the Archers idots,if Jacinto and David were bona fide crooks do you think its possible that they were nothing but bullies and the Archers felt like they had no noice into handing over their savings?How is it that Jacinto would not have been a crook if it wasnt for David Albon?Did he bully him to perhaps?!
  • I would like to hear from anyone who had the misfortune to have dealings with clearview homes as featured on itvs homes from hell,so if you have any stories or information please get in touch.thank you
  • Familyman2087, I have information but need to know directly from you what your interest is? Please respond via PM for now. This is genuine. Limbo and the Bat also have further info to give, privately if needed. Give it a try people, it can but help. It has taken me weeks to get on this forum for some unknown reason but I am genuine and have lost cash with these two.
  • I have information concerning David Albon and it is current. Anyone with an interest pm me with why you want to know and if genuine, i will pass the information on. You might be surprised what he's up to these days or at least where he is.
  • Is this the same ex portugal David with a portugese partner working selling homes for another well know property scam and multiple bankrupt , and living in a 5 bedroom house at Atcherley Square, West Raynham Park, Norfolk, NR21 7DH?

    The David there who had to leave Portugal in a hurry is working selling rental properties on the site for the owner

    I have it on good authority it's the David you are looking for.

    Try ringing the sales office and make an appointment to meet him, I'd love to be there for the meeting.


    It was on sky last week. it is the same dave he's older and thinner now
  • It sounds exactly like the same person,people shouldnt make assumptions but i assume you have had dealings with "Mr Albon"? please share any information or experience you may have had.As you may have read on here he had to "run" not only from police but from very angry clients.
  • Well here's another lot !
    We are two couples who first met David Albon and Jacinto Gomes of Clearview Homes in Ribeira Brava about 5 to 6 years ago now.
    They also owe us money, but nothing like the poor Archers, in our case it was just the deposit for a project that never came to fruition.
    In the end we gave up, thankfully, and bought an already built second-hand property which we are very satisfied with.
    We have now given up on getting anything back due to the problems outlined in all the above posts.
    We knew Albon had fled to England over a year ago but Jacinto was still working from his father's offices in Ponto do Sol earlier this year.
    We learnt recently from his ex-lawyer (via another lawyer) that he is in Venezuela, and from another source Brazil.
    Apparently a fortune in owed to large companies like MATA and local Madeiran tradesmen so the chance of us getting anything is zero.
    We were considering taking our case to the police with a view to prosecution for fraud but if they are not on the island or even in Portugal its difficult to see what can be done.
    But aren't there extradition agreements between UK & Portugal and, probably, Potugal & Brazil or Venezuela?
    So the police could still probably do something if they have the will to do so.
    What if we could all get together and start some sort of 'class action' against them? But then would this cost even more money?
    We'd be very interested in any legal views, or others, on this.
  • I'm no lawyer, but I think legal action would be very difficult, and cost a fortune. You would be poorer and the lawyers richer. With no guarantee of getting a carrot. Unless of course you can get a lawyer to take on the case on a no win no fee basis.
    However there may be another option for someone living in the UK who is looking to get back money from someone resident in the UK.
    I've used the small claims procedure in the past. It can only get you a maximum of £5,000, but it sure as hell puts the wind up the party you are taking to task. It's not expensive, and how it would stack up for monies lost abroad, I'm not sure. Maybe worth looking at.
  • Hi All
    I am a new user and I have been reading with interest this thread. We wish to purchase a property in madeira and have been searching the sites and have seen a few nice properties on the Remax site. i wondered why there is a warning to avoid Remax as i thought they would be reputable.

    Any advice on buying and looking for a property in madeira would be most helpful, please! We like Funchal and santa cruz. We are planning to retire in 2/3 years and live in Madeira.

    Are the prices dropping like the rest of Europe?
    Can anyone recommend any particular bank in Funchal? We need good english speaking and internet access.

    I know property disasters happen everywhere but is Madeira generally quite safe?

  • Act like you would in the UK. Use a reputable lawyer who speaks good English, unless of course you speak Portuguese.
    Be wary of ALL estate agents, and don't believe everything they tell you. Do your own research.
    There are some great deals to be had some prices have come down, but some owners refuse to budge. i would say it's definitely a buyers market.
    Don't buy a house that is to high up. You could get problems with damp/mildew and it can be bloody cold in winter. We were told to not buy above the banana line.
    We purchased a villa 3 years ago from a Medieran builder, who is no longer trading. He did a fine job and we are delighted. His brother sorts out any problems. We found out about the property in a restaurant and purchased direct, so we saved 15,000 euros in agent fees.
    Good luck the place is lovely, summer all year round. :)
  • If there is enough complaints made to the police about these two crooks then it will have to be followed up,the judicicary police were asked to arrest them both but they fled the country before this was done.Anybody who has had the misfortune to deal with these two need to report them.They stole thousands,im sure they didnt leave madeira empty handed.
  • To the persons I have sent private messages. Please respond if you want something done to assist.

    Thank you
  • I saw the programme on TV at the time and it came as something of a shock as I had worked with Jim Archer in the early 2000's in the Middle East

    We lost contact when he left to go back to the UK

    I understand he is running a pub somewhere in the UK - does anyone know where - so I can re-contact him.

    Many thanks for your assistance

    Thanking you again
  • Hi all!

    Just found this thread when I googled David Albon.

    I'm an American of Portuguese decent. I own some raw land on Porto Santo that I would like to sell or develop.

    A few years back (2006) I google searched for a Madeira based land developer (promotor) and that's how I found out about Clear-View and David Albon. While I did get involved with him then and his "new" group just last year, I did not invest or lose any money. I feel for those who apparently lost a bit.

    I'm gonna toss out a few names to see if anyone can shed some light...

    The group of promotors were David Albon, Aquiles Lourenco and Jorge Gouveia from
    The lawyers were fsancho and regina sousa.
    David's new partner is named Paul Williams.

    Any information on these folks or any comments back to me would be welcome.

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