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  • update!!!!

    It was on sky last week. it is the same dave he's older and thinner now, but definately him.

    he's living at
    5 Atcherley Square
    West Raynham
    NR21 7DG

    he's in a 5 bed house , probably payed for with your money
  • Hi everyone

    I just thought it appropriate to clarify my position regarding Clearview Homes and David Albon.

    I first met David and his company about seven years ago and like many was so impressed by the island, the promises and potential of Madeira and on this basis introduced people to Clearview. Some of who invested and bought with the company. I am in no way part of or associated with the activity of Clearview Homes.

    Like so many, my family lost money when the company went out of business and since then I have made it my business to trace the Directors and their families. This is with the aim of establishing exactly what has happened to so much money and if anything can be done to salvage anything for those who have lost.

    Personally I am out of pocket to the tune of approx €20,000 just on flying back and forth and funding investors trips. None of this was refunded by Clearview.

    After eventually finding all of the directors I have shared what I have found with others as well as speaking directly with David Albon. I seek not to act as judge, jury and executioner but simply to work through whatever means I can to eventually help sort out the mess that is Clearview.

    In cooperation with a friend we have made great strides to arrive at what we think could become a solution but it is early days. When appropriate I am very happy to share with other interested parties.

    Any work I may now do in Madeira will be for my own account. I am NOT in partnership with David Albon but merely folowing up on contacts that he has left behind and, in his defence, feels he should assist in achieving their Macdeiran dream.

    I am very happy to answer any questions and share what I feel comfortable in disclosing at this stage.

    As and when appropriate I will post again.

    Paul Williams
  • Update.

    Tamarix Investments, owners of West Raynham Park Management, have had some of West Raynham Park reposessed by the banks so David Albon's time at Atcherley Square may be numbered. He currently has an office in the Leather Goods Factory, also part owned by his co-hort.

    From Familyman's post it seems that it is the person you are all looking for, so maybe some of the people should get their legal teams on the case?

    Portugal is part of Europe so should be able to enforce court summonses in the UK.

    I just want to see the authorities do something about these con-artists, if it was Lloyds or one of the Gov's mates got scammed there'd be a public enquiry, a few ordinary people losing their life time's earnings seems to rate about as highly on the justice scale as crossing the road
  • hi d3ranged_x

    Ive been following this case with much interest for a while,Tamarix investments have not had west raynham park reposessed,its all very complicated and I cant reveal too much at present,tamarix investments still owns the commercial side of west raynham park and also some of the houses,infact all the ones on Atcherely square,the manager for these properties is in fact David Albon.The other properties at west raynham park are owned by a further two companies,one of which is under administration.I hope this clarifies matters a little further,as stated I cant say much at present but all will be revealed shortly,in sitituations like this there will always be speculation and rumor,this may just add to the worries of the residents of west raynham park.We must make sure our facts are just that.
  • Hi familyman2087,
    In your earlier post you said we should report David Albon & Jacinto Gomes - but report to who exactly?
    The Madeiran police are already aware as they did try to arrest them according to other posts on here.
    What would the police or anyone else in the UK be able to do? Any offences were out of their jurisdiction.
    Clearview Homes is bankrupt, Jacinto is in Venezuela (or Brazil) and David's assets are no doubt all in his wife's name, which probably includes any land and/or unfinished projects on Madeira.
    We consulted a lawyer in Funchal who advised that it's a dead duck. I believe they even owe their own lawyers as well as at least one major firm.
    So it's not at all clear what anybody else would be able to do.
    Even if prosecution for fraud is somehow possible, that would not itself get any money back, would it?
    What we need here is detailed, specific, positive ideas for gaining redress, preferably working together.
    Nothing of this nature has been forthcoming on here, it just seems to be rather disjointed and vague.
    And, of course, we are all anonymous.
    Has anybody consulted the British Consul in Funchal? Has anybody consulted their MP in UK?
  • Hi johnp18,perhaps you could try contacting limbo,reading his posts i think he would be your best choice,ithink it would be worth while contacting the uk police,these men avoided being far as im aware some lawyers in madeira were working in cahoots with clearview and many could not be trusted.
  • to everyone:

    I'm very pleased that i put this topic in the forum.
    I been in uk for the last 24 years, and found a bitter taste when a watch Homes from hell and find waht happen to a lot of people in Madeira.
    In my view this people must be reported to the uk Police, I belive that be some kind of powers that can be inforce to this crooks. By the EEC information act, all the comum market countries work together to stop creminals like them to get away.
    Also the probleam in Madeira is the judicial department ccan take years to convict people on the run. Has anyone had inform tha bank and the solocitors dealing ,where David Albon is trading?Maybe the Portuguese lowers can ask him to be brougth back to the hot seat.
    I just like people to be aware that this can happen to anyone and also anywhere.
    No one of us had to be stupid . this people are very crafty
    j correia
  • The following is advice from a UK law firm :-

    “If enough people complain there is a chance that the police can be persuaded to look into things in the UK if Mr Albon’s dodgy dealings caused loss in the UK – but each aggrieved person has to complain personally to the Economic Crimes Unit of the police force where Mr Albon is believed to be based in the UK. Each individual complainant also have to confine their complaints to their own first-hand knowledge (what you saw with your own eyes and/or heard with your own ears). Where you have to refer to second-hand knowledge, you need to try and identify witnesses who probably would have first-hand knowledge and, as best you can, you need to give the police the original witness’s contact details, so they can speak directly to these other witnesses.

    You also have to prove that the money you lost in this venture came from the UK, when and how it was sent from the UK to Portugal and how much money was involved. In appropriate cases peoples’ individual statements should also emphasise any steps that Mr Albon and/or his company and/or any UK-based sales agents used by that company adopted in order to promote the product to them in the UK.

    The temptation to adopt a “wait and see” approach is considerable -- however if everyone did that, nothing would ever get done. Someone has to chance their arm and seize the initiative, otherwise all of you will end up waiting for someone else to make the first move.

    police local to David Albon's house

    Look at the comments from residents who are aware of David's past

    From what I'm told also, his wife and her brother are portugese so cannot a warrant be issued for her? (he's in UK also)

    under the UK proceeds of crime act you should be able to get his assets seized as fraud is a crime and any gain from it therefore illegal.

    West Raynham is Bankrupt and David Albon is nothing to do with the management team, he's just living there so Familyman is wrong
  • As far as I know it is not the whole of ReMAx that is the problem. ReMax agencies are actually franchisees. The problem is the ethical standards practised by the ReMax agency in the Lido area. I have heard a lot of bad things going on there.... There was a whole media write up and television thing about some Russian client and affairs all going very bad. Lawyers, legal fights, you name it. Just too much tor anyone to bear imho.
  • to clarify things westraynham park has gone into administration,before it did it leased the commercial side of things to another company, the.director of this company also owns some of the houses privately.david works for the director.
  • Hi there, I found this thread while searching for someone else who lives on West Raynham Park. Just wondering if anyone has any information on this person as there are several people trying to find him too, funnily enough because he also owes money to quite a few people. His name is Dean Watts. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  • is he a builder of some sort?

    might be the same person, trying to find the surname.
    He owes me money for work done, promied cheques that never came.

    will get back to you soon
  • yes he is, used to trade as a carpenter/general builder. has had numerous businesses over the years, all failed owing money. last known business was at the old Four Winds site. he's about 5'7", tattoos, losing hair, very friendly until you try to find him, then he turns into the invisible man, was driving a dark blue Freelander until recently. I did wonder if he possibly worked for david as it seems that he has a site management company.

    Thank you, very much looking forward to hearing from you.
  • Hiya SidMutley

    re Dean

    yes, still driving the freelander
    lives at 44 stephenson close,
    My son helped him move and still the excuses from him about paying.

    It seems that west raynham is a magnet for bankrupts and scammers, from the ex owner, Roger Gawn down to the employees
  • Hi d3ranged,

    Got info today that he's now also driving a light blue ford mondeo. He's still up to his old tricks regarding bouncing cheques with other people too. Have also heard that his wife is not entirely squeaky clean. Any ideas where or who he works for? He's got money, was seen in morrisons yesterday buying himself a new tv, the only reason he wasn't approached was because he had his kids with him.

    West Raynham certainly does seem to be quite the den of thieves.
  • Hello everyone

    I am currently in contact with a resident at West Raynam Park and they have supplied me with first hand knowledge on Mr David Albon and what is truly going on at this park.

    I must say I am confused at the information I have received but also intrigued at what Mr Albon is currently upto and the conflicting information everybody is being given regarding David and the park.

    Firstly I am quite stunned that Mr Albon, who has quite a reputation of an expert con artist has been employed by a royal seal leather company. I will not divolge the name of this company until I am certain that he has a contract with them. On the other hand I have first hand witness statement that place David at the leather company and working there, this may be that he is helping out his current partner but I am not entirely convinced that that is the case.

    Secondly I have been told first hand what David Albon is upto and what I can tell from this is that he may be up to his old tricks again.

    David Albon promised residents that if they payed rent for a year, the money that they paid for their rent would be put together and used as a deposit for them to buy their house, a lovely scheme dont you think? But when David Albon is involved nothing is as it appears and excuses are being brought to the surface. After one couple went to David and asked him about the next step for them to start buying their house they were told that they cant buy their house as the scheme was shut down months ago and nobody bothered to inform this young couple.

    When residents went in to complain to David about the state of the houses he said it would be sorted as any landlord would but then failed to deliver until the problem was at it's worst or when it became unlivable, even then it was a mriacle if it got sorted out. These problems can consist of failing of heating, hot water, damp and cracked foundations which I woud say are basic amenities for any modern day household, there are many young families with small children on this estate you have tow onder if this is affecting their family lifeand health.

    Resident were told when they moved in or when they came to see David that their would be an avaliable tennis court for use, their also would be a gym on site, childrens creche and bars and a local shop. In David's defence there is a tiny local shop on the estate, however it doesnt sell anything of any convinence and if your lucky you willf ind it open maybe three times a week and when you do walk in the shop you do not find much food or the basics.

    David's brother in law, who somebody above has said is in the Uk, that is xcorreect he waas for a short period of time working for David at the park. But I must clarify a point beofre I go any further my contact at the estate has been told that the guy is not his brother in law but his cousin and his nephew. Davids brother in law/cousin/nephew worked as the sites security guard.

    David has been renting the houses at all different prices in all different states, he also expected resident to pay a service charge for a service that mnever got delivered.

    To clarify what somebody has said before about the park going into administration is true.

    To conclude this information David Albon is still scheming but people are not wanting to stand up to him as he can be very intimidating, evasive, manipulative and incapable of telling the truth. As it has been said that David Is still incharge of the comercial side and the maintenance side of the estate people still seem afraid to stand up to him in fear of their problems int eh current house never been sorted or in worst case scenario losing their homes.

    Does anybody know anything about a Roger Gahl because roumour has it he is as dodgy as David and just so happens to ownt he company who has gone into administration at west raynam park.

    And as far as i know David is still living or Archerly Square on the park and not Stephenson Close
  • It's Roger Gawn, Google him it makes very interesting reading.
  • Hi Eanidaj,

    Just to clarify, the messages I'm involved with are ones concerning a Dean Watts, another local conman, he lives on Stephenson Close. Presumably he is involved with West Raynham park somehow as allegedly he is having to renovate his house himself. Roger Gawn is or was the man linked with Tamarix, if you google his name then you should come up with several hits for him, although I do happen to know that he is as bad as David Albon, but have no idea where he is, will see what I can find out though. Sorry for everyone who has lost money because of David Albon/Roger Gawn, there are also a lot of people who have lost money because of Dean Watts, not on the same scale perhaps, but I certainly know of one couple who paid him to do work on their home in Fakenham which he didn't do, they then had to hire someone else and lost the money they gave Dean, total paid out amounted to £7,500. Just one of many examples of his exploits. Sorry to hijack this thread, but I'm trying to find out as much information as I can to try to help everyone he owes money to as well.
  • Hi sidmuttley,
    Yes you have hijacked this thread - at least you admit it !
    It was originally about Clearview Homes, David Albon, Jacinto Gomes and problems in Madeira.
    Now we are reading about English cowboy builders which is no use to the rest of us.
    Why not start your own thread on an appropriate UK site.
  • Hi Johnp,

    Wrists duly slapped and am very sorry. Could anyone having any information, however irrelevant it may seem, regarding Dean Watts please email me at please? As with the rest of you there are a lot of frustrated innocent people trying to get hold of him and I am only trying to help. Many apologies for cluttering up this thread. I do hope you all manage to get somewhere with your problems, and if I hear anything else that may be of use to you then I will post. Roger Gawn apparently lives at Melton Constable Hall.
  • David Albon can be found at Tattersett Buisness Park, another of Roger Gawn's con's.
    He denies being the same person who ripped all those people off in Portugal even when confronted by one of his victims.
    The leather goods factory has changed names and left debts in it's old names 4 times since October

    If by now you cannot get papers served on him for all these cons, then maybe it's proof that crime does pay, you've got enough details to find him.

    last sentence is just thinking out loud, what the hell does it take to get justice to work for the victims?
  • babana man the pub they work in is in leek uk the flying horse pub,i found them after looking at the programme and seen the name on the window,,did some searching and google earth map found then the same i have no other info if you get a email add like to know juswt to say hi and how moved i was by there story,so a beautiful couple,
  • bandanaman ! sorry not banana man...
    just love madeira and hope soon to get a place there,such beautiful people and the energy of the island is amazing.every day i look at the cams and make that wish.hopefully the archers will get back there and live there life in the way it was ment, rob Ireland
  • that ph number of the couple in the flying horse pub uk,01538 398125 hope this helps
  • Latest from West Raynham.

    David Albon is now selling used cars from 5 Atcherley Square, better hurry with the court papers as he'll be gone soon
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