Holidays in Madeira and Porto Santo

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Bon dia

Im going 4 days to Madeira and 5 to Porto Santo. I would like to have some info for Madeira.

I want to do snorkelling and seeing whales and dolphins

Can you recommend any good place to book this?

Thank you


  • There are plenty of tour operators in Funchal, the capital of Madeira. But, make sure that you do not book with one that is connected to Timeshares, otherwise you will waste 4 or 5 hours attending a presentation.

    Dolphin and whale watching by boat is available and easily booked. If you are in a hotel in the Lido tourist area, which lies about 2km to the west of Funchal city center, you will find plenty of shop outlets for the various tour operators. If you are near the center of Funchal city, then Strawberry World has a large office opposite the Municipal Gardens on the main street.

    If you want to do a spot of scuba diving, Canico to the east of Funchal is your best bet.

    If you have any trouble finding what you want, then visit the Official Tourism Office in Funchal City center, just along from and on the opposite side of the street to the large Strawberry World building.

    My free map downloads should help you get your bearings.
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