Do I pay too much for my apartment?

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I pay 450 euros/month for a T0 with maybe 28m2. Electricity included. It's right beside hotel Baia Azul and by Clube Naval so view and such is amazing.

I have no problem paying 450 for this one, but we might be moving into an unfurnished T2 in the same building (that's what we want anyway).

What would a Portuguese person pay for that? I don't wanna pay more than 550 euros a month for that with electricity included. Is that possible you think?


  • Forgot to mention; the one I live in now is furnished. I assume an unfurnished would be cheaper than unfurnished?
  • Hello,
    I am moving to Madeira next month.
    I was taking a look at this site, which contains ads from several agencies:

    I see a lot of T1 long term rentals around Funchal with nice views between 400-500 EUR, often furnished.
    Moreover, I have noticed that a lot of flats are reduced in price after some time. I guess this site targets foreigners, so I think 450 EUR was indeed quite a lot for a 28m2 T0 and locals would pay less.
    I would say you can always compare to other flats and even when the asked rent is higher, you can always propose what seems reasonable to you (taking into account that locals would indeed pay a bit less).
    Since there seems to be a lot of flats available to rent, you are in a strong negotiation position, especially when renting for longer term.
    Best regards,
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