How much for gas + electricity + water?

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Approximately what would you think gas + electricity + water would cost for someone cooking 3 times a day, and having a 46 inch lcd running a couple of hours each day? + a fan running 24/7.

Found the perfect apartment but can only afford it if I can keep electricity + gas + water under a 100 euros/month. Possible?


  • Usually these services should cost an awful lot less than €100/month. Are you buying these as part of a rental contract? Electricity costs a tiny bit less than the UK, about 13C/kwh (UK is around 13p) and the standing charge in Madeira is usually either €5 or €10/month depending on whether you take an off peak deal. Water is extremely cheap, our last month's bill was €1.37, and that was expensive, it's usually less than a euro. It's been dry and we are using more water in the garden. Gas is different in an apartment, a big tank in the basement usually. I can give you an idea of buying the knee high sized bottles, they cost about €17 without the deposit and last for ages, many months. (Four people cooking all day)
    Yes, your bills should be much less than €100, have a good look around.
  • Chris, I'm amazed at how little you pay for water... and you have a garden too! My water bill nearly reaches 100 EUR, more often than not.
  • We have a 3 bed town house with a large garden, admittedly there are only 2 of us in residence full time but our water bill is never more than 5 euro's a month and more usually 3.5 - 4.
    Electricity has steadily been going up over the last year or so, our last bill was 54.36 but we have both the computer & the tv (we use the music channels) on constantly all day & evening unless we are out.
    We used to use just over 1 full large gas bottle (approx 80 euros) per year but since having our solor panel installed 2yrs ago we have only used half of a bottle.
  • The house has the classification "Rustico". Makes a big difference to the rate that government services are offered. Annual house tax is €100. Makes it easier for us peasants to live here :)
    Does anyone have any experience of obtaining residency? We went to the Loja da Cidadao (yes. we had an appointment) but we didn't get anywhere. The appointment had disappeared from the system so they wouldn't talk to us. Nothing unpleasant, people here are always very nice. The lady just couldn't understand why we wanted to do this, we had 90 days, why not leave things until the last minute?
    I think the process is fairly straightforward. Residency might save us having to make so many trips back and forward to the UK.
    Any opinions?
  • Taking up residency is an easy but not fast process. You do not need to do it before 90 days. Some people never do it although technically it is a legal requirement. Just a question - why will it save you making frequent trips to the UK?
    You need Portugese bank details, passport, parents names, services bill. That is unless they have changed it since I did mine. Try the City Hall in Municipal Squate, but they may still say wait for your 90 days time up.
  • When we got our residency we only had to go into Loja da Cididade and take a ticket, produced the Financas green card, proof of address & passport along with the 5.50 euro's fee and it was all sorted out in 5 mins with 5yr temporary residency certificate issued on the spot. We had already been on the island for more than a year at that point but they just back dated it for us and when we go to renew it in February we will should then get our permanent residency. There is definately no need to keep leaving the island until you get residency although it does state that in the leaflets at the Consulate.
  • Thank you both. I was hoping to hear something like that. We haven't sold our house in the UK yet and the prospects for that aren't encouraging, so we have to keep a foot in both camps. Our son will be coming up to school age soon, have you any experience of the local or the international school in Madeira? Sorry to keep asking questions, I hope you don't mind.
    Anyone want to buy a house in rain soaked Britain? Enjoy the delights of spending six months shut inside with occasional trips to the supermarket in the freezing rain and winter gloom. All this and you only have to pay the council thousands of pounds a year to justify your existence. What a prospect, I'm surprised anyone finds it attractive.


  • Your son will be better in the school local to your area. The International and the British school are very expensvie and he will benefit from mixing with the local children and also will learn the language quicker. ,. None of the schooling is cheap here as, because of the financial decline, schools now provide less and less so you have to buy all books, text and notebooks, meals,pens,pencils etc, not cheap here. .
    Your accountant will need to see your residency paper when you complete your tax returns and it is often asked for, for other things which you need to do. You will also need to register with Social Security for health care and with your local GP to your area
    You will also need to get a contrinuente card from the Financas, again in the Loja de Cidade.You do not need residency to stay here indefinately, many people never do but it is easier for many things after your 90 days are up.
    It is also worth knowing that if you stay longer than 183 days consecutively, you must register for tax purposes, to help avoid double taxaition. Further information is available from Brit.Hon Consule, Joy Menezes.
  • it's now 15 euros each

    just re newed appt.just popped in LOJA DE CIDADE ,mind you we did have to wait nearly 3 months for our new cards
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