How can we help improve cleanliness in Madeira

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We moved to Madeira two years ago and live there six months a year on the South West coast near Calheta.

We enjoy thoroughly all aspects of our life here, above all thanks to the incredible warmth and friendliness of the people.

One thing though makes us very uncomfortable, and we just don't know how to approach this with the locals or the Authority without creating a problem for ourselves: It is the apparent blatant lack of interest for cleanliness when it comes to garbage collection.

Refuses are found everywhere around the big bins and no one really seems to care. As a result, rats enjoy themselves and it is not rare to have those unwelcome visitors on your own premises forcing you to keep doors and windows closed in an otherwise magnificent environment.

Can anyone guide us on how to help in this matter, as this is education and as foreigners, we feel uneasy about teaching sanitation to locals? Is there any campaign to sensibilise people about this, we are aware that there were extermination campaigns against rats in the recent past, but this is not how to deal with the problem, one needs to "clean up" before exterminating...

Any advice would be welcome.


  • I understand your view in this matter. Im from Madeira living in uk for the last 24 years. Normaly im bak in funchal at least once a year. I have a property i funchal, by my apartment are one recycle bin, and everyone brings the bag but never put in the bin. we spend 2 weeks colecting rubish and puting inside, drives me mad, also dogs mess. everyone brings the dog for a walk, but no one pick the mess up. we have a small garden in our blok open, we call dog shit corner, also we have dog shit alley. I dont belive that Madeirains an leave like that but, when we speak to our famelies, their response is . that we been living in uk to long.
    Why dont you wriet a letter to the diario de noticias of madeira. theirs a colum for readers letter. I been sending letter from uk on line, about the animal welfare in Madeira.
    i just like to say welldone , because is not just me that things like that.
    j. correia
  • You have every right to complain to the authorities about this. After all, you are paying annual IMI (council tax) for this!
  • Yes, I second limbo's opinion - Levadawalker and joao correia, go to the town council of your respective areas and make yourselves heard. Maybe it'll open their eyes for the need for a campain to civilize people.
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