The de Franca Family of Calheta

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My daughter-in-law's ancestor - Rodrigues Perestrelo de Franca was born in Calheta in 1884. His parents were Gregorio Perestrelo de Franca and his mother was Lelia Amelia Drumond y da Viega from Santa Luzia. Young Rodrigues left Madiera for New York by way of Brasil, and had become Rodrick Franca by 1905. He married an Irish girl and they remained in Brooklyn for their entire lives. Their children were absorbed into the American Melting Pot and eventually the following generations lost all knowledge of their Portuguese heritage.

We would like to find any remaining da Franca or da Viega families in Calheta or Santa Luzia, or anyone who has knowledge of these families. I hope we can visit Madeira soon for a first hand look at my grandchildren's patrimoinie. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.
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