Purchasing of Inherited Property - Please Help!

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I wonder if anybody would be able to advise me on the purchasing of inherited property. I'm trying to purchase a property inherited by 5 family members. The issue is that 4 family members are willing to sell their share of the said property and 1 family member is refusing to sell her share. Would anyone know what the law is in this regard? I've tried to get legal opinion on this issue but not getting anywhere. Some legal experts say that you can purchase the shares of the willing sellers and the unwilling seller would get her share of the land, which is approx. 10 sq. metres. - I would be willing to purchase the 4 shares and give the unwilling seller her 10 sq. metres of land. On a second legal opinion I was told that I would NOT be able to purchase the property unless all 5 family members are willing to sell. This is very confusing to me, I don't understand how 1 family member can prevent 4 family members from selling their shares?

I would appreciate any advice or information on this issue. I’m sure this must be a common problem on the Island. I would also appreciate it if someone could give me the name and contact details of a reputable attorney who deals with this sort of issue.

Much appreciated.



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