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Hello everyone. I'm hoping to travel to Madeira in April next year for a week. I was last there about 20 years ago and stayed at the Savoy Hotel. I was only there on a B & B basis but I used to walk right along the promenade to the end near where the fish market is. There was a very good fish retaurant there where I'd sit out at one of the four or five tables and have a fish meal washed down with a bottle of vino. Then I'd have to take a taxi back to the hotel. Forget the name of the caff but suppose its still there.

Now I need an ele tric buggy to get around and I'd like to ask if they can be hired in Funchal somewhere. Hope so because I've promised my wife we'll make the trip. Don't know about the Savoy though. Can anyone reccomend a 4* hotel not too far from town.

Thanks for any help.


  • Hello Rexie,

    Maybe the restaurant you're mentioning is in the Old Town area.

    I never heard of any place where electric buggies can be hired, so, most probably, they don't exist in Funchal. Tourists whith mobility problems usually bring their own.

    Maybe you don't know, but the Savoy was pulled down. The owners' idea was to build a luxourious hotel in it's place, but after one of the owners (Horacio Roque) died, things took a bad turn. Some people say it's because his heirs didn't agree with the idea, others say it's because they have no money, all I know is that the space that was once occupied by the Savoy, is now an enormous hole in the ground.

    A good 4* hotel in town is Porto Santa Maria - it's situated in the Old Town area. If you'd like to have a look:
  • Hi Rexie

    I know somebody that hires electric buggies, if you email me I will send you his email address.

    Regards Elaine
  • Thanks Elaine thats a very kind offer. I'm off into the town,Redcar,this morning to see if I can find a different travel company than Thomson. I really don't like them. Two years ago we went with them to Marmaris and it was a shambles. I didn't realise that there are two hotels called The Gran Ideal,one is 4* and the other 5*. Of course they put us in the wrong one and it only clicked with me when my wife said the pool was a different shape from the brochure. Its a German Company,nuff said. They wanted to charge me £80 to return to the airport in a taxi at the end of the week. Thats the last time they had the pleasure of our company.
  • Wht not 'package' your own holiday, book a flight and a hotel online. For the flat , try Alberia Dias or Porto Santa Maria, in the Old Town, both within a few minutes of the City centre with a lovely flat walk along the seafront towards the Marina.
  • Well it looks as though our trip is getting closer. My wife is Bulgarian and lives in Stara Zagora where she teaches music but I know she'll be pleased.

    I wonder if I can take my feathered friends with us. Had twelve of them on my patio this morning when I got up. They're eating me out of hearth and home.
  • An alternative to Albergaria Dias, and very close to it, is Villa Sao Tiago - if you like the idea of renting an apartment. You may have a look here:

    Well... maybe your feathered friends will have to stay home... you'll need someone to keep an eye on the place while you're gone, anyway... LOL
  • Thanks Biaria but I think its not the only thing they'll be keeping on the place. I feed then every morning and I swear it goes in ne end and out the other without even stopping. My wife was here for a couple of months in the summer and she found a pigeon staggering round in the garden. It obviously had a severe case of bird flu but she took it in,gave it more care and attention than me and when it kicked the bucket she buried under my Leylandi with a cross. Don't know how she knew what religion it was. Looki at this.
  • Rexie, this is a lovely picture, thank you for sharing. Now let me tell you - this pigeon was very lucky to land in your garden... you're right, look at all the care and attention it's getting from your wife... so sad it didn't make it, though. Well, let's say - it must have had a religion of its own.

    Yeeees! And all the mess they'll leave behind... better start shooing them away, now.
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