Mom deceased have tried to register property in childrens names but family in Madeira not helpful

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Hello, there
My name is Carla and I live in South Africa, my mom passed away OCT 2 years ago and left some "land" behind....since this land is joined to my aunts property, it has been a mission impossible to register this property in our names (childrens' names)....our aunts do not want to help us and we are still waiting for proof that it has been registered, we have sent all the documents over to them in Madeira so that they could register the land in our names but they do not response or come back to us. It is very frustrating because we do not know what to do...we don't know if this land is still ours, the penalties that may be involved and if our aunts are using this land for their own gain. I do not know where to get a copy of "certidao de registo" from....who to contact that will be able to help me, my portuguese is limited as English is my first language. We are desperate to get "rid" of this land in other words we want to sell it as family issues are becoming uncomfortable for us. If anyone can help us or direct us further it would be a great help, we do not know the laws of Madeira etc....
Many thanks,


  • Try this lawyer. Phone or email her and see if she can help.

    Maria Arauja

    Ribeira Brava 291 957 305
    fax 291 957 089

    edif. visconde #8 -r/c-C
    9350-209 Ribeira Brava
  • HI Carla

    This is actually becoming quite a common problem. I know of 3 other South Africans, including myself, with the same issue, i.e. trying to sort out inherited land.
    There is quite a bit of legal wrangle and clauses for property protection but inheritance laws are becoming a major issue.

    Send me a private message and will let you know my experiences thus far.
  • Hi Carla,

    if the land is rural land it's not worth the effort.
    The family brunch in Madeira will use it . . .

  • Thanks for your reply....what do you define as rural land in Madeira? Thanks, Carla
  • Hi Carla,

    rural land is defined as land without permission to build houses on.
    As Madeira is just a rock in the Atlantic most rural land is terraced hill slope - see


    PS: for legal questions follow the link to the lawyer
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