Buying property in Madeira

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We wish to purchase a 2 bed (minimum) house either Funchal or Santa Cruz. Can anyone recommend agents etc. We have seen nice properties on Remax website, are they ok?

is there much selling at the present time?

We will be visiting Madeira possibly April , what weather can we expect?

if anyone can recommend banks, lawyers it would be really helpful.

It is my dream to live in Madeira but need sound advice. we will only move when we have pensions so will not be looking for work.



  • Hi,

    In April you would be enjoying the beginning of spring in Madeira. The weather should be fabulous albeit there may be a spot or two of showers during that month.

    Thats the good news. The bad news is ReMax. Avoid that real estate agency at all cost. I have had a terrible experience with them. I could go into further details here but will be available for specifics if needed. Not only were they disreputable they recommended even more disreputable lawyers that in many cases became the news in the local newspaper about some Russian clients dealings.... I know of several other complaints and on-going court cases that has them as the subject.... Moreover, they charge upwards of 5% commission, which in this day and age is practically criminal. That 5% is the discount you could get if you bought it direct or maybe through another estate agency who charge much less.

    However, there is no shortage of reputable estate agencies dotted out all over the Island. I would suggest that perhaps you start making your enquiries about one or two months before your actual arrival as many estate agencies may not even reply or provide you with detailed asitance so far ahead. That has been my experience for the most part.

    As everywhere there are good and there are bad. You need to seek opinions from more than one source. When I have some time I can make a list of good (and English speaking) lawyers, agents, and so on if you wish.
  • Hello Limbo,

    When you have some time I can you make a list of good (and English speaking) lawyers, agents, and real eatate agencys for us?
    We are thinking of moving to Madeira next year.with our son and two dogs and need lots of inside information.


  • Hi Erik,

    As far as an estate agent is concerned, I can recomend Paulo Aleixo. We did business with him already and he's excellent. His email address is:

    Good luck on all your moving to Madeira procedures.

    Happy New Year!
  • Hello,

    I know a very trusting agent who works for a smaller company than say remax who are everywhere on the Island, i cn also help withany questions you may have before you decide to buy.

    please contact me through my website.

  • If you really decided to buy house property in Madeira first you need to know that market of real estate out there and also their mortgage and home loan rates.
  • i have a house to sale. if you are interrest send me a email to
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