Massage work in Madeira

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I am a medical masseur. Madeira, I would like to work with my profession. I want to talk about.


  • There are loads of masseurs in Madeira, at all hotels, in private practice, everywhere.
  • When is the season? You work all year long? It is not saturated in the profession? How to pay?Thank you your answer.
  • No specific season but they are in all hotels and also many in private practice, I would not think there is enough work for any more. Many people are now out of work here and jobs are practically non-existance.
  • There are skills shortages? What you have to work?
  • Where I live there pay 2.3 euro for the hour. Madeira, the amount of the payment?
  • pay abut the same but not enought to pay rent and food, There are no jobs, many people returning to their homeland (UK,Frrance;Roumaniaetc) because work has ended and no more available.
  • Thank you your answer. My name is Rita 38 years old. I have two children 18 my son, 16 my dauther. My husband painter. I am Hungarian. I live Hajduszoboszlo spa city.It's cold. and you?
  • I want my children if they live elsewhere speak Hungarian, English, German and French. No other job?Your massage therapist are you?
  • you will need to be fluent in Portugese.
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