low priced housing/room

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I am a student from Germany and I would like to stay in Madeira during the semester break in spring.
I can not afford a hotel for such a long time, so, does anybody knows a very low priced housing possibility?
I searched also for some kind of "host families", but I could not find anything on the internet...

It would be really kind if someone could help me!

Thank you


  • It may be difficult to get a room with a family or in an apartment. It is not allowed in most rentals to 'sub-let' rooms and most familys may be reluctant to take on this kind of thing - I know of none anyway. have you thought of using a youth hostel, this site has a few listed from about €6 per night.
  • Hi Taz,

    Madeira offers several Youth Hostels. One of them is in Funchal and it's very well located. For further info have a look here: http://microsites.juventude.gov.pt/Portal/en/PFunchal.htm
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