Check my bills, what the F*** is this?!?!?

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Before getting this apartment (nothing included in the rent) I asked here and at work if I would get away with 100 euros/month for gas, electricity and water. People told me I wouldn't be paying more than 60 even if I used alot.

So... the month before this (and the rest) have been around that sum. Think we've been paying 100 euros for all of the above + internet.

Now here me this month, and according to the bills it's all just for one month.

Water: 110 euros!!!

Electricity: 87 euros!!!

Gas: 71 euros!!!!

So last bills were water 15, electricty 9 and gas 40. It's not like I've changed my lifestyle directly...... My routines are pretty strict. Maybe we took a couple of baths more or so nothing more nothing less... Electricity should actually be less since we got a LED tv and are using that alot more than our LCD. This is fucking sick.

Have you ever experience anything like this? What the hell?!


  • Hi verbatim, it could be that they've been charging you an estimated value only, which was corrected now. I advise you to contact the service providers and find out.
  • You will usually find that February is the month when all bills are higher because as Biaria says most other months are estimated also the February electricity bills will be a little higher due to the electricity used for the islands Christmas decorations. However, the increases in your bills do seem rather extreme so you had better make sure you are not paying for a previous tennents lapses in payments or similar.
  • Elaine has a good point there, verbatim. It may be that they're charging you for a previous tenant's debt. Don't pay anything before finding out what's going on.
  • No, I will definitely not! And thanks for your replies!

    I've spoken to some Portuguese people at work and will show them the bills, and will call the companies and also ask my real estate agent about it.

    I'm just talking to as many people as I can, because this was shocking to me!
  • As has been previously said, the meters are not read every month and so are estimated much of the time so every two or three months you have to pay catch-up. It all evens itself out in the long run. There is nothing you can do about previous short-fall bill payments, especially if they are yours, you just have to pay up. It will work the same for the next tenant, after you leave, swings and roundabouts. It has worked this way for some years now, the same for everybody.-ask for your meter to be checked, but even that can if they decide the tarriff is wrong, you will getan even higher bill. They are always higher in winter, for the reasons given plus more lighting used etc.
  • Verbatim. When you moved into your Apartment, did you take all the meter readings, so you have plenty of information to take to the Gas, Electricity and Water authorities. Then they will be able to calculate your usage for the time since you moved in and calculate the correct bills for each utility. Good luck.
  • Ever, no I did not.

    Neither, arumlilyplant, do I use more electricity in the winter... Winter for me doesn't exist on Madeira, hehe.
  • Verbatim; What a shame! Has your agent got the meter readings from the date you moved in? Perhaps it may be a good idea for you to take the meter readings of all the Utilities today. Keep a record of these and check again in a month. This will give you an idea of your actual usage. You will be in better position to advise all the Utility companies of the amount you use in 1 month.
  • so you don't switch lights on in winter months when it gets dark????
  • arumlilyplant Wrote:
    > so you don't switch lights on in winter months
    > when it gets dark????

    Thing is I don't switch ligts off in summer months...
  • Hi Verbatim: I hope you´ve now sorted out your Gas, Electricity and Water bills to your satisfaction.
  • Well they are sorted out, but not to my satisfaction:P

    Luckily this months bills weren't that high. Didn't receive the gas yet though so could still be trouble going my way hehe. Anyways I'm thankful for all the replies.
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