Look for Family - Ferreria

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Hello All,

I am looking for relatives of Justin Ferreria who migrated to the West Indies with his mother and brother. Justin lived in Guyana sold china. He married a black woman ( sorry don't have a name) she had three children. His daughter Elfredia was my grandmother, She had three children, the oldiest (Avril) lived with relatives on one of the islands, she died as a young woman. My mom, who is the second child now lives in the United States with her 8 children.

We never got the chance to meet with any of our relatives. It was not a topic discussed in our home. My father died several years ago and we still don't have a clue who our relatives are. I would love break the chain and start a relation ship with my relative.

I am married with two children and live in Maryland USA hopeful someone will see this email and respond to my inquiry.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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