Meeting a portuguese girl? How are they?

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So... I just broke up with my girlfriend and I'm crushed by the way it happened...

Anyways, people often advice to "live your life" after these things happen... Well I was living my life and now I'm fucking depressed... I need a girl, someone to love, someone to love me.

So how are portuguese chicks around 20-25 years old? I hope they're better than where I come from because it seems impossible to find someone faithful... Everyone jumps in bed with everyone and "telling the truth" actually means lying as much as you can:(

So would I have any luck on madeira?

I like smart, healthy, faithfull, down to earth women who haven't had sex with half the island. I would probably be considered rich in Portuguese standards but the last thing I'd want is some gold digging bitch... Also in the standards I'm used to I'm not at all rich.

Is there any sense going out? I haven't been out drinking once, since I've had my girlfriend and we've been doing all other kinds of things... Also I hate dancing... Sitting at a pub chatting is nice though... Anyway is there any point going out or are 95% braindead whores like in my country?

What I've seen of portuguese chicks I like, but it's not much so I have really no idea...


  • We are fine... normal lol well some... haha
  • Is there really anything worse than "being normal"? Same music, same style, same clothes, same opinions, same, same, same......

    Oh, well what's the definition of normal in Portugal then?
  • sounds like you have a bit of an attitude problem, chicks,whores,golddiggers - they exist in all countries.
  • arumlilyplant Wrote:
    > sounds like you have a bit of an attitude problem,
    > chicks,whores,golddiggers - they exist in all
    > countries.

    They do, but not in the extent they do where I come from and that you better be sure of. I don't see the negativity in the word chick though?
  • so Where do you come from????
  • Hi Mr Infinity,You have to be nice with the words that you choose,otherwise the girls will reject you.
    Can you offer these chicks a goldern egg or is your sperm tainted like your attitude
  • Mr . Infinity

    I believe that you should get a boyfriend , less stress for you and all the " chicks" all around the world.
  • dont think Portugese girls would be overly interested in someone who has their head so far up their own *rse
  • ROFL Infinity certainly has a word with words. I wonder what his chat up lines are like? :)
  • You should live in Austria for a couple of years and you'd understand me;)
  • Dude with an attitude like yours you not going to find a girl, you should rather invest in a blow up doll.
  • yep my young friend change your vibes.....then the universe will bring to you a woman of substance,but right now what your kicking will attract that which you dont want.grow up learn from the experience and look deeper inside your own self and finally work done as painful as it can be,there will be a positive,ive been there purchased the tee shirt etc etc..
    if you dont learn from the leasson you repeat it,look at history same old stuff different time.
    so stop feeling sorry for yourself and ask this of yourself looking in the mirror ( how may i serve myself better to day )
    give thanks for all you have ..stop bitching poor me or you stay that way !rob
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