Number to local dhl office funchal?

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So I'm waiting on a sound card which is going to be delivered by dhl. They've been here according to the trackingnumber but I haven't gotten any note about it or so.

Do you know what number I should call to have this worked out? Live in funchal.

Also, it was sent in my girl friends name and she's now off the island for a longer period. I got her Swedish ID, gym card, and millenium mastercard left here. Will I be able to receive it you think? It's already payed for..


  • Hi verbatim,

    You probably have this worked out by now, but it's funny that I looked into three websites and none of them has DHL's phone number, only the address.
  • Hi!

    Yea, I should have done some research myself before posting here. Damn, I'm so lazy then I end up finding the answer myself anyways.

    Thanks anyway!!
  • You're welcome.

    Have a nice evening.
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