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Can anyone please recommend a well equiped gymnasium in the funchal Area, that caters for cardio and weight Training,


  • Hi, have a look at Holmes Place in Dolce Vita, or Ginasio Platinium in Anadia Shopping.
  • What an unpleasant situation! Did you have problems with those two places? It's always good to be warned.
  • Holmes Place is crap. You want a good gym go to Lido monumental 3rd floor.

    But then I hate sellers and Holmes Place rape your ass when going through the door. The gym at monumental palace much more friendly and down to earth people.
  • Hi verbatim,

    Thanks for the advice.
  • Hi

    thanks for the advice, also prefer the down to earth option,

  • I edited my post. I meant Lido monumental.

    Monumental palace is an apartment building, lol.
  • The Monumental Lido is very good . You can get through either from the hotel or the shopping mall.
    Clean, well equiped and friendly.
  • Hi SergioRo I have just put a message on the board about training gym in Funchal.
    Have a look.
  • There's a new gym in front of the CS Madeira hotel now too. Pity I can't use it since Holme's Place screwed me into a one year commitment.
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