conversational therapy/psychologist in english? (funchal)

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Could any of you direct me to someone I could have conversational therapy in English with in funchal?


  • No one? A psychologist works too.
  • Hello verbatim,

    Maybe a psyco-therapist will do. Try Graca Proenca, she's in Rua Bela Santiago,18, 1st floor, door 1. Maybe you'd like to contact her in advance, to make sure she can offer you the kind of service you're looking for and in English: her mobile is 966169453, her consulting room's phone is 291233308 and her email address is

    This link shows you were Rua Bela Santiago is ( recently I noticed this street is now spelt Rua Bela Sao Tiago):

    Please notice that the "c" on this doctor's name and surname have a cedilla, so they have a "ss" sound. I must still try to post here using Firefox, to see if I don't get any encoding errors, maybe next time...

    Happy Easter Sunday!
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