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EMANUEL DE CASTRO, MARY RITA RODRIQUEZ, ANTONIO RODRIQUEZ DE SARDINHA. Born Madeira early 1830's. These are my grt grt grandparents and grt grt uncle. They were all born in Madeira and left in July 1852 aboard the ship ST MICHAEL for New Zealand. They were listed on the passenger list as servants to the Mace and McKellar families who were English residents of Madeira during 1840 - 1850's. Mary and Antonio's father also Antonio Rodriquez was a shoemaker. I am earnestly hoping that a Father and Mother or other brothers and sisters were left behind in Madeira and that today there are descendants of this family still living - would they be kind and curious enough to wish meet a relative from New Zealand on the other side of the world. I am coming to Madeira in May for a week and am hoping and praying for a miracle that will help me find my people. Any help and contact would be most gratefully appreciated. Thank you so much. Gail Eraio


  • Hi Gail - my wife is a great-granddaughter of Emmanuel de Castro and so great-great-grandniece of Antonio Rodriquez de Sardinha. I have been researching their story for a while now, but like you have got stuck at Madeira. This afternoon we actually visited both Antonio's grave and those of Emmanuel de Castro and Emmanuel's wife, Antonio's sister Maria Rita, at Okato & Waireka cemeteries. Family stories have it that he had fled from Portugal following a failed attempt to overthrow the Portuguese government, so I would assume that there would be no other family in Madeira. I cannot confirm any of that though. I would be very interested in anything that you can uncover. Hope to hear from you - Peter
  • Hello Peter, I am really pleased and excited to hear from you. Can you tell me where your wife fits in to the Family Tree. I am the daughter of Colin Kehely whose father was William Kehely, son of Mary de Castro and and Daniel Kehely. Mary was the eldest daughter of Emanuel de Castro and Rita Mary whose graves you visited in Okato cemetery. I lived in NZ until 2 and a half years ago and now live on Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. I have been researching the 2 families for many years and have accummulated quite a lot of information and would be happy to share it with you on a reciprocal basis. I too have heard the story of being involved in a plot to overthrow the Portuguese government but have been unable to unearth any positive evidence about this - one would need to delve a little more into Portuguese history to try to confirm this. I have evidence tho to prove that Emanuel was born on Madeira variously 1831/1832. Rather than take up a lot of space via the Forum would you care to email me direct. My email address is itchyfet@oyster.net.ck. Kind regards, Gail Eraio
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