Number to customs in lissabon?

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I have a pair of headphones sent from Australia that have been stuck in the customs for 18 days now without me being contacted. Do any of you know any number I could call to sort this out?

Thanks in advance!


  • I found the following info:

    I would call first "Delegacao Aduaneira das Encomendas Postais (Lisboa)" ( the second set of numbers) as it's related to parcels.

    Now, are you sure your order is still in Lisbon? For Alfandega do Funchal, call 291211550 or email them on

    Hope it helps and have a nice day.

    Please note: I omited the accents on the "c" and the "a" in Delegacao, because of the encoding errors. The right pronunciation is "Delegassao" with the nasal "ao".
  • Thank you so much!

    A nice day to you too!
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