Jewish Cemetery in Madeira

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Just returned from our annual trip to Madeira and as usual had a fantastic time.
The flower festival was truly beautiful as was the whole of Madeira which we love
so much.
Only downside of our visit was the dismal condition of the Jewish Cemetery. The
condition of this Cemetery is a disgrace to Madeira and, should not be allowed
to remain in this state of decay. If nothing is done to the stop the erosion that's
taking place, very soon the whole area will be lost to the sea. This would be so sad.
Surely something can be done to restore this place to a condition befitting its role
as the resting place of Jewish Madeirans.
Many of the Madeiran diaspora have a strong link to this place, whether admitted
or not and would be happy to see it restored and maintained.
We can only hope that the next time we return to our beloved ancestral home
Madeira, that something will have been done to preserve and beautify this cemetery.


  • Dear Basil,
    Im a madeirin living in uk, can you please tell me where is the jewish cemetery,like me thousands of Madeirans have no Idea about the Jewish people bein in the island.
    Also have you notice the condition of the remains of the Jewish Cinagoge? in Funchal and at the moment is for sale.
    I thing that we can start a Jewish Fund to restoure the cemetery and also renovate the cinagoge to the formal glory to make sure that vesitors like yourself can admire the jewish legacy left behind.
    Joao correia
  • Hi Basil and Joao,
    I have been to the cemetery a few times and if you go to the social section of the forum you will find the info that you are looking for.
    I would love to be the the caretaker of the cemetery i could restore some of the beauty it deserves.
    Some of the Jewish decease were from Gibraltar who came to the island during or before the WW2
    Its great that you have taken an interest in this matter as it is close to my heart
  • Hi,

    I'm in Funchal right now and have located the Shaar Hashamain synagogue and the jewish cemetary of Funchal.

    Synagogue: 1836 - located at Rua do Carmo 33, on corner of R. Ribeirinho de Baixo street (up the street from the Mercado dos Lavradores market). Only the fascade remains - the interior is 2 shops and apartments. Saw the star of david in the window, but no stained glass.

    Cemetary: 1851 - located about 100m from Largo de Forca up the street on Rua Caminho do Lazareto (overlooking the ocean). It is very small and has a padlock. The owner of ProMotos motorcycle shop indicated that the previous owner of LazarAuto had the key, but did not provide it to them. It appears that the streetside wall was painted a pale yellow and some of the concrete in the sidewall was repaired. My husband climbed over the wall and took pictures of the inside. The wall facing the beach has completely collapsed with a tombstone right on the edge of the cliff! The cemetary itself is overgrown and not cared for.

    I have photos if interested...
  • Attached is a map with the locations of the synagogue and cemetary marked.
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